1. S

    KVHS Winter Open 2012 (Upcoming unofficial competition in Canada!)

    The Atlantic Speedcubing Association will be holding its second competition on December 8th at Kennebecasis Valley High School in Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada. Things will be starting up at 10am and should be finished by 5. The exact schedule will be out closer to the date of the...
  2. antoineccantin

    [Unofficial] Antoine Cantin - 14.19 3x3 OH avg5 and 15.58 avg12

    The average of 12 has counting 18.55 and 17.37 :( Could have been sub-15. Times: 1. 15.61 B2 U2 B D U L2 R2 F' R D' B' L R' F' R' B' F' L2 R' D' B' U2 R' B' U2 2. 15.15 B' F R2 B' D B' L' D2 L2 D B' R2 B2 D' F' U2 B2 D2 U2 B' D2 B R B' L 3. 13.84 D' U2 L' R' B' F2 L R' F2 L2 R B' D' R2 D2 B2 L...
  3. antoineccantin

    NCR 2012 Ottawa, Canada Competition

    Date: Saturday May 19th 2012 Address of the venue: 1535 Du Parc Avenue, Rockland, Ontario Google map...
  4. J


    Hey everyone, I live in Canada, close to Montreal, and I was wondering if anybody knew ways, like websites or stores, that sell fine cubes for not too expensive. The thing is, I have bought multiple cubes from and other sites, and although they were very good, the shipping was...
  5. antoineccantin

    NCR 2012 Date (Sat/Sun)

    After our pretty successful NCR 2011 competition, we have started to plan our next year's competition. We were wondering what week day you would prefer (probably in May). Please vote in the poll!