1. weatherman223

    The WDC and Brazilian Community Rant. (See latest edit, final decision)

    To anyone coming from the final report: This was my initial rant towards the WDC calling for better investigations, transparency and a reopening into the investigation. Since these have been achieved and the final decision has been reached, the points in this thread have been retracted. You are...
  2. Meneghetti

    [Brazilian NR] 33.03 3BLD single (Diego Meneghetti)

    yay got it!! done @ Porto Alegre Open 2015 ~12.7 memo and ~20.3 execution There were 3 solved edges and 1 flipped corner! I'll post the scramble here soon. I had a 2s+ pause during 3rd corner commutator because I couldn't recall my alg for PW (speffz), which I had changed several times in...
  3. Eder

    Brazil 2015 - Word Championship

    Brazil 2015 - World Championship
  4. PixelWizard

    World Championship 2015 Sponsors

    Hey :) I'm wondering about sponsoring in cubing in general, because it seems like something that pushes the attractivity of speedcubing. I'm especially interested in how to get sponsors, how fast you should be and what you have to do. I'm planning to attend the World Championships 2015 in...
  5. Eder

    Heads Up (Level Brazilian) at Aracaju Open 2014
  6. granada

    Brazilian cuber

    Hello there. I'm from Brazil, my name is Renan, 17 i'm years old, and i solve rubik's cube :] So... I learned how to solve rubik's cube on my own. It tookme 3 full days. I used some algorithms that i made only with a paper and my mind, but then when it came to PLL and OLL i used a computer...
  7. C

    [Unofficial] Rubik's Cube - My first sub10

    Sorry for the dark image (full screen may help), but this was the first sub10 single I taped, so I HAD to upload. :) The average of 5 was 12.05s The sub10 is the first single of the video: 9.90s Thanks for watching.

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