assembly help

  1. L

    [Help Thread] Yuxin Little Magic 2x2 assembly help

    There's a hooked piece that seems to misalign the rest of the cube when I put the cube together, anyone have any experience assembling the 2x2?
  2. pdid

    [Help Thread] Disassembly and Assembly Thread

    Hi, I looked through the forum and couldn't find anywhere where I could learn to disassemble my cubes, so I thought I'd create this thread. I thought this thread would be a good place to ask questions and post videos on how to assemble or disassemble. I thought I'd start it off by asking how...
  3. H

    Yong Jun 4x4 assembly help?

    I got what I THINK is a Yong Jun cube off eBay. It came in the mail today, and I took it apart. Now, I can't get it back together :confused: :fp :fp :fp :fp :mad: It has this weird box thing on the core and tiled pieces :confused: Any idea how I get it back together? :fp :fp
  4. Winston Yang

    Help with Shengshou 4x4x4 V3

    Can someone give me advice on how to assemble the last layer. It is really hard and I've been trying to assemble it for hours but I can't can someone help?