1. u Cube

    3.89 Skewb Ao5 | PB2

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  2. YouCubing

    [Official] 7.88 Pyraminx ao5 (US Nationals 2015 Round 1)

    Done by me ;) 7.84, 6.98, 8.82, (10.42), (6.76) Pretty proud of this one. But those consistent reactions xD
  3. RhysC

    [Unofficial] 11.45 3x3 avg5 w/ 9.31 single!

    Quite happy with this. PB average, and single ties it. Scrambles were really easy, but my solving was pretty nub. Wasn't able to roll the 15 :P
  4. CuberRiley

    [Unofficial] 2x2 Ao5 9.55 (with a 4.73 single) all using beginners method!

    Hi guys! Check out my new video, I got a 9.65 Ao5 on 2x2, but there's a twist; I only used beginners method I hope you like it!
  5. CHJ

    [Unofficial] 1:21.20 5x5 Avg5 - SirWaffle

    Cube: AoCHJ Method: Redux 1. 1:19.23 2. 1:25.29 3. (1:18.70) 4. (1:29.25) 5. 1:19.09
  6. TDM

    [Unofficial] 3x3 Ao5: 12.50 (camera angle test)

    12.04, 12.42, 11.68, 13.69, 13.05 = 12.50 Better than average for me, but any tips? And what do you think of the camera angle?
  7. SirDuctTape

    [Unofficial] SirDuctTape 3x3 AO5 30.24

    97836928 Times: (34.97), 27.85, (23.05), 32.35, 30.52 Cube: Weilong V1 I Know full PLL, about 1/3 of the Olls, and 6 Colls. Please tell me what I need to do to improve. Thanks! Also, I apologize that my hand was covering up the cube most of the time, but I think It looks pretty...
  8. Ross The Boss

    [Unofficial] 17.02 Average of 12 (16.36 Ao5)

    Notes I like these solves, they are mostly sub average and I think they look sexy :D. -I'm proud of my FB, and L6E look ahead + TPS. -I notice that I didn't do L6E as optimally as I could have for a lot of these (lol dots). Doing more slow solves should fix that. -I know most of the CMLL...
  9. MalusDB

    [Unofficial] Ao5 with kinda weird stats (Also how about the angle?)

    I'm not 100% sure on how to go about posting vids in comments so if I mess it up could someone please tell me how to do it properly/fix it for me? Sorry and thanks in advance XD Not a good average, like my first 5 solves today, that sup 30 was lols. I know the sound quality is bad but its on my...
  10. collinbxyz

    [Unofficial] Collin Burns - 11.730 3x3 Average Of Five

    I've done my first average on video in a while, so can anyone give me some tips or help? I know I need to learn Full OLL, so things other than that. Thanks. I've gotten a few sub-12 averages, but it's still pretty good for me. Video Description:
  11. PandaCuber

    [Unofficial] Ao5 33.11 Roux

    Im getting soooo much better...