3x3x3 cube

  1. T

    New 3x3x3 Method

    Hey guys, I wanted to propose a viable 3x3x3 method. There are 4 steps. Build a First Block Build a Second Block Solve Last 4 Corners Permute Last 6 Blocks Yes, I am being very selective in wording this. This method is in fact different, than what most may think. Although it is truly...
  2. WonderDrow

    Cube 3x3x3 last layer CECE method

    Cube 3x3x3 last layer CECE & OLL-PLL methods Hi cubers and cube enthousiasts. Here is a one page solution for the last layer of a Rubik's cube. I figured this might be helpfull for someone who knows the beginners method and want to speed up his/her game...
  3. G

    Difference between enhanced version and normal version? (AoLong V2)

    I am thinking of buying a MoYu AoLong V2 3x3x3 Speed Cube and I want to know what is the difference between the enhanced version and the normal version? Is the enhanced version better of something?
  4. E

    The New Method / Substep / Concept Idea Thread

    Please read before posting I'm making this thread for all of those ideas you have that are interesting, yet are not fully developed. This is a place to post them. I have come up with many ideas and didn't want to post a new thread for every one of them when most don't get very far. Perhaps if...