3x3 with feet

  1. GAN 356 X

    What cubes should be removed from the WCA?

    Since I've made a thread on what events should be added, and many people thought events should be taken away before new ones were added, I decided to make a poll on it. 2x2-6x6 are not included because most people will agree are challenging yet don't take too long. Megaminx is also excluded...
  2. DesertWolf

    Idea for how Official WCA Events could work.

    So i've had this random idea which can be pretty stupid, but i thought would be worth sharing. So with the discussions around Events being removed/added that surround the community lately i thought of a way of how events can be recognised in the WCA. This may not be too clear but i'll develop a...
  3. joshuastacker

    [WR] 3x3 with feet mo3 28.41 - Gabriel Pereira Campanha

    Gabriel Pereira Campanha for a world record mean of 3 for solving a 3x3 with is feet with the times being 29.72, 26.97, and 28.53. Great job Gabriel :D