1. lego

    [Official] Campeonato Nacional 2011

    Hello to all Cubero, posting videos of my first round in 3x3 and 4x4 chile NR made ​​in 2011 National Championship, I hope you like it: D In the third and fourth solve the LED on the timer was not working.
  2. Riley

    [Official] My Solves from Berkeley Fall 2011

    Hope you enjoy!
  3. STOCKY7


    OK, so I really enjoyed myself in the 2011 Bristol Open, but when is the next comp? Has anyone any info? Thanks, STOCKY7
  4. S

    Swedish Cubing Days 2011

    For those who were at the Cubing Days 2010, I think it will be pretty much the same. Same organizer (not me) and the same venue (Blackebergsskolan, Stockholm). Gunnar Krig will be WCA-delegate, and Viktor and Viktor will be organizer...
  5. A

    [WR] Feliks Zemdegs 6x6 Single 1:56.96

    This was at the Australian Nationals 2011.
  6. Hovair

    U.S Nationals 2011 solves

    Rubiks Magic Average of 5 3.14 Megaminx Average of 2 3:24.43 3x3 Average of 5 38.83 Pyraminx Average of 3 18.73 2x2 Average of 5 12.73
  7. Hovair

    Yu Nakajima Pics 2011

    Here are some pics of Yu Nakajima 2011
  8. Hovair

    Yu Nakajima is back and better than ever!!!!!!

    Yu Nakajima is back and he won the Japan Open 2011. He will also be at Nationals 2011 in Columbus, Ohio. he is now using a Dayan Zhanchi. Check out his youtube channel here: youtube.com/user/nakaji1084
  9. Hovair

    Hovair - Nationals 2011 personal stuff

    Nationals 2011 and other stuff Here is where I talked about nationals. My camera sucks.
  10. HelpCube

    US Nationals 2011: The Movie?

    It pretty much seems like you guys want this to happen, so I think it's pretty close to official at this point. The video below is the video I made asking people about the idea. As long as this is official and you guys are really willing to help me out and make this a community effort, I'll go...
  11. IMSLOW1097

    Hello...I think.

    Hi, everyone! My name is Aaron Abramowitz; my username is IMSLOW1097, but I average about 20-23 seconds on the 3x3 (Not too slow after all, huh?). I live in Ohio, and i have been to 2 competitions. I'll be going to US nats 2011 in august-can past nats competitors tell me what it's like? This...
  12. MrIndianTeen

    San Diego Open 2011

    soo........ Who is going or planning on going? Registration link is below -- http://ca.cubingusa.com/sandiego2011/index.php I'm definitely going! I live half an hour away! Come by and say hi if you're there!
  13. cuberwillima

    Belgian Open 2011

    Belgian Open 2011!! Date: May 7/8 2011 Location: Ghent University, Faculty of Art and Philosophy All information can be found on this website: http://belgianopen.110mb.com/ WCA link: http://www.worldcubeassociation.org/results/c.php?i=BelgianOpen2011
  14. cubemaster13

    Buying/selling/trading at UIndy 2011

    I am look for a shenshou 4x4 and some stickers that will fit the mini diansheng and mini A V. Feel free to discuss your wants or needs at this upcoming competition.
  15. esquimalt1

    Possible 2011 WCA Regulations Changes

    Well it's that time of year again where the regulations get redone so I figured we could address some ideas here. Random Ideas: SKEWB ADDED (lol) Clarification for 4d: "Cube puzzles must be scrambled with the white (or the lightest colour by default) face on top and green (or the...

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