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    Best 6x6 and 7x7 cubes?

    If you are more concerned with quality than price The Aoshi and Cubic Aofu are definetly the way to go. While they arent that much faster nor corner cut more they are a bit more stable than the Shenshou cubes and have a FAR superior feel, both turning and just holding in your hands. Your times...
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    Racing to sub-15

    Improved a bit ao12: 15.14 7 sub 15 (5 more from last avg) 3 above 16 (1 less from last week) 14.02, 13.99, 17.03, (12.95), 16.95, 15.50, 14.06, 17.11, (18.34), 13.22, 14.81, 14.69
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    Gloves in Competition

    i bring dishsoap to competitions and wash my hand before the every event.
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    First Impression About MoFangGe Square-1

    Sounds great to me i thought the top and bottom layers on my current SQ1 are too fast. And i really need 5 degress more corner cutting in both directions. Anything on the price yet?
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    I reccomend the aolong V2. It has the best corner cutting ive seen (better than the yuxin) its fast, stable (my cousin played with it for over an hour and it didnt pop once) it keeps its cubic shape well on reasonably tight tension and it has a great feel. (at least after a year of breaking it...
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    Racing to sub-15

    Been a while since ive done this. I did better than i thought ao12: 15.79 2 sub 15 4 above 16 16.58, 15.70, 17.04, 14.57, 15.47, 15.69, (14.03), 15.23, 17.14, (18.16), 15.76, 14.49
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    Is 4x4 or 5x5 very hard?

    idk how old this is but the best advice i can give you is learn the 5x5 oll parity. It can be used on every big cube even 4x4 with no modifications. The 4x4 oll parity alg is weird on larger cubes. I dont think any of the big cubes are harder than any of the others they mostly just take more...
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    [Member Intro] New to the Cube

    dont get a zhanchi, its a very unstable cube. I own 3 and i have yet to get one to cut 45 degree without popping so far they only go line to line (whcih all the videos claiming it cuts 45 also only go line to line) and if you hand it to anyone who doesnt speedsolve rubiks cubes it will be in...
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    Is This a Legitimate Deal?

    A lot of the 1 and 2 stars show pictues of what looks totally fake. The blue and green stickers are switched, te stickers are not cut like my two v2s that i got from the cubicle, and there appears to be no moyu logo sticker
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    How do I break sub 13 on 3x3?

    for the majority of cases i can too but majoirty is a huge handicap for an average when you are wanting to sqeeze a few more seconds out of it, especially when you are only 6s slower than the WR. Would only you learn 18 PLLs and 45 OLLs and expect to have the same averages as a person who has...
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    How do I break sub 13 on 3x3?

    try learning 2-sided pll recognition. During f2l ive heard that some of the best people are able to identify multiple f2l pairs at a time and pick the 2-gen ones so they can execute all those do a single rotation and execute the rest. (im not sure if seeing ALL the f2l pairs is practical but...
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    Do you do better in competitions or at home?

    For the first 2 or 3 events (always the ones i want to do the best in at that particular comp) i do way worse than at home, but after those events i do better than at home
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    Racing to sub-15

    Avg: 14.69 13.34, 14.35, 15.54, 13.84, (17.47), 14.25, 13.79, (12.19), 16.59, 16.25,1 15.15, 13.83 8 sub 15s!
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    Megaminx Colorblind Stickers

    how about gold/silver and maybe cream instead of grey? golden yellow and fluro yellow are a lot different