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    Random Cubing Discussion

    The number of possible Megaminx scrambles is bigger than the number of positions that can be reached with a Pochmann style scramble.
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    [WR] Max Park - 6.39 3x3 Average

    I was watching the video again expecting a kid to do a solve with sub 6 potential and getting distracted by the WR reactions. Was disappointed and amused, when it turned out to be a "high 5" in the ordinary people language xD.
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    Britains Got Talent "Faker"

    The point is that this has not much to do with cubing. A little technical analysis: Has someone noticed that both the second solve and the additional in the end finished with an H-perm? The second solve seems to finish with random PLL, <R,U,L>-J-perm, Hperm. And in the additional solve we...
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    The "Request an Alg" Thread

    [L' U' L U L': T-Perm]
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    Fewest Number of moves that doesn't Affect the Cube?

    This is somewhat related: Also R L R' L'. You might argue, that R and L commute, hence this was an application of inverses, but then so is M2 E2 M2 E2.
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    Neural Networks for determining whether algorithms are good?

    The general Idea I have an idea: We now have many easily accessible computer programs that can easily search the shortest algorithms for a certain position. (May it be a ZBLL, OLL-CP or something else. It doesn't matter). However the shortest is not always the best. Often people then search...
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    [WR] Maciej Czapiewski 0.49 2x2 single

    My official 2x2 avg is 3.xy and I once missed a pretty obvious 5-mover. Solution would have been U2 R' U' R and some AUF. I was always cofident, that I would recognize such easy solutions. However in the inspection time pressure plays a big role and we sometimes don't see the forest because of...
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    [Unofficial] Feliks Zemdegs: 9.80 slow-turning 3x3 Average of 5

    You can watch youtube videos now in 0.25. Helped me sometimes to understand what someone does in a particular solve.
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    [ER] Michał Pleskowicz 11.43 OH AVG

    Video is up: Apparently the 4th solve (12.05) had a J-perm at 8.5... Could have been so much faster :(
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    Hamiltonian Circuit for a 1x1x1 cube

    I thought this thread was a joke but it is actually an interesting question. No new insights yet but it might be easier to consider the rotation cube of the group as S4 (symmetric group over a 4 element set) by the isomorphism: x to (1234) y to (1324) z to (1243) (Do we have LaTeX build into...
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    Random Cubing Discussion

    Recognizing blocks is easier than recognizing difficult patterns of adjacent/opposite colors. So this metric should probably include the type of comparison that you have to apply to the stickers. Not sure if this was your intention or how to formalize it though. Example: E-perm recognition (Do...
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    [WR] Marcel Peters 19 moves, FMC

    There goes my ER :( Congrats Marcel! Can't wait to see the solution :)
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    Genetics / Natural Talent vs Hard Work / Practice

    Well it is a german TV report. It should be viewable for some more days at this link: @others: It may be that those tests were not so focused on cubing specific skills. But however we...
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    Genetics / Natural Talent vs Hard Work / Practice

    I haven't read the thread but I wanted to add that just some days ago there was a german report about "superbrains" on TV, in which they portrayed the Weyer twins. They also made some scientific tests with the following results: Their physical ability to move fingers/hands is average. (They had...
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    A Collection of Algorithms

    By fiddling around I found this pure 3-corner twist: F2 R U R' U' R U R' U' F2 U' L' U' L U L' U' L U2 The change from right hand to left hand is a little awkward but apart from that I really like this alg. I still have to find out whether it is good though.