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    Any cubers in Richmond VA area?

    There are competitions held there once or twice a year. There’s a club at VCU that organizes them I believe

    Easy / Lucky / Funny / Hard / Weird scrambles thread

    This isn’t really something you can get WR on but it’s obviously still an easy scramble. I can get .65-.7 after around 5 tries Solution: z’ y2 U L2 F’ L’ F U

    [NAR] Will Callan 1.23 2x2 average!

    Yup, and thanks!

    [NAR] Will Callan 1.23 2x2 average!

    Thanks for that, the last one was a CLL cancel but also a TCLL, I recognized they were the same solution so just went with the cll since I was already on that side

    New 2x2 J perms(lefty and right)

    I use the first one sometimes but the 2nd doesn’t really seem that good. U2 jperm is faster I’d say

    Long-term physical risks of speedcubing?

    Lucas had JRA I believe. It wasn’t cause by cubing but cubing just made it more difficult to deal with I bet. He has restricted time to cube now, I believe 2 hrs a day

    When should I learn CLL.

    Yes you can definitely learn it now

    [Tied WR] Mark Boyanowski 17 FMC Single and [WR] 22.33 Mean

    Apparently it could have been a 16 pretty easily based on his skeleton. he could’ve inserted a different alg at the same spot that would’ve cancelled 1 more move I heard

    World Record Predictions for Year 2025

    Someone pointed out that technically you would be saving time in your attempts by purposely not doing the last move of each solve, and on 60 plus cubes might actually make a bit of a difference. It would probably cause more problems than it’s worth though
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    2 bld in the wca

    I usually one look 3-10 solutions in inspection. 1-3 seconds memo on 2bld and I average 4/5 maybe.
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    Accomplishment Thread

    1.36 official skewb single, sub Nar but it was broken by someone else at the same competition and then later at another comp too. 11th In the world I think
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    Should you do 2x2 ONLY on Stackmat?

    You should definitely practice on a stackmat to be good at starts and stops. However I do non stackmat solves a lot too because i just don’t have it available then, it doesn’t hurt, but my solves are more casual/experimental. Either way I don’t recommend counting non stackmat times as PBS unless...
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    2019 Cubing New Years Resolutions / Goals

    Get sponsored 2x2: nats podium, wr avg 3x3: sub 7.5 avg 4x4: sub 30 avg 5x5: sub 1:05 avg 6x6: sub 2 avg 7x7: sub 3 avg OH sub 13 avg BLD: sub 1 single Feet: sub 40 avg Fmc: sub 28 mean Skewb: sub 3 avg Pyra: sub 4 avg Mega: sub 45 avg Clock: sub 12 avg Sq-1: sub 11 avg 4bld: another sub 10...