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    CubeTimer for iOS 2.0

    There was an instance where I accidentally hit 'save' instead of cancel for a solve and now I have a result that skews my average. The only way I have of fixing this would be to make it DNF. or is there a way to delete the time?
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    CubeTimer for iOS 2.0

    LRKWJHHHWEF4 Thanks for the app!
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    Hey guys, I'm back from a 3 years absence ;) I've bought a SS 5x5, modded it, and cut my times times from 1:50 to the 1:30s. My breakdown per solve is- Centers:27-30, Edges:45-55, 3x3: 20-22. >>I've noticed that the last 4 edges of the reduction method take me a rather long time, as I solve it...
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    [WR] Rowe Hessler 2.45 2x2 Average

    I was wondering, what 2x2 cube did he use?
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    Eastsheen 5x5 Piece

    is it the center-corner piece? If so, I have a box full of Eastsheen parts, and in it I have the piece that you are looking for. I would ship it to you for $2 if you are in the USA.
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

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    parts needed for eastsheen 5x5, eastsheen 4x4, and C4Y DIY

    @Buttsfr0sted I have a black T piece. It's internal, so you can't see at all. I'll ship it to you for $2. PM me if you're interested.
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    PS3 or XBOX360?

    Playstation online gaming is free with PSN membership, basically you get the PS3 and play online with others for free. On XBOX 360, you have to pay $15-20 for online gaming, for 3 MONTHS! I recently researched this topic and I came to a conclusion of a PS3. Here's a very helpful link...
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    Cube Lagoon?

    It's 100% legit, but it ends up taking A LOT of your time. Use it if you like it. This should be in Off-topic.
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    V-Cube Mech 3x3?

    Found a video, but not the thread.
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    V-Cube Mech 3x3?

    There was a thread about someone who made their own V3 on TP. I'm not making it up. I'll try to find it now...
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    Breaking into new cycle.

    In this case, the edge is in its correct location, but it's flipped. I am assuming that this is also the buffer position. What you do is: 1. Pick any unsolved edge/spot ( I don't know what to call it). 2. You shoot the flipped piece there, breaking into a new cycle. Memorize where you shot the...
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    Pen Spinner Here

    He's just warning you to not double-post. Double-posting seems to tick a lot of people off here.
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    HuskyOmega Shipping

    Up to two weeks usually.