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    The FMC competition

    Nah I used cube explorer cuz I didn't feel like doing an FMC attempt, but a 15 move optimal scramble is pretty rare.
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    The FMC competition

    Scramble: D2 F2 L' D L R2 D' U' R L U2 L' D' B2 D' F U' B F' U B R2 U' F2 L Solution: U D F' D2 L' U' F2 L2 D L U2 R D2 B' U (15f*) apparently optimal is 15 :O
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    Can we solve a 3x3 each doing only one move?

    L2 so far: L B F' U' F2 U2 R2 // Cross R' U R U R L’ U L2 (someone pls do keyhole for the red blue pair)
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    The Clock example solve game!!

    Ok here is a pretty epic speedsolve solution that I may not go for often due to its riskiness: z x2 ul3+ (but turn the dial with the pin down) UR4+ DL3- UR4- U3- dr1- //1st cross plus part of the second (helps with finger tricks) x2 UR4- UL6+ U4+ // Second cross dr1+ ur1+ ul4- ALL6+ //corners...
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    The Clock example solve game!!

    I've been doing a lot of clock and clock fmc lately, I average 4.8-5.2 on clock and 10.5 on clock fmc so here we go: I'll start! Scramble: UR4- DR5+ DL6+ UL3+ U1- R1+ D1+ L3- ALL2+ y2 U5+ R5- D3+ L4- ALL1- UR DL y2 UR2- UL6+ U2- //1st cross (3/3) y2 DL4+ DR5+ U5- //2nd cross (3/6) dr6+ ur1- ul1-...
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    The 2x2x2 "Example Solve" Game!

    x' F R2 U R B2 R2 U' R' F R F' R U R' U2 NEXT: R' F2 R' U2 F R2 U2 R' U
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    Roux is the Superior Method +proof

    Umm... this is my video lol... was not expecting it to end up here like this XD
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    The FMC thread

    Lol yeah, I found that in like the first 20 minutes of the attempt. I already had a 28 and a DNF(36), the DNF was because I thought I had the insertion written wrong, so fixed it, but it turns out it was right all along lol. Then on the last attempt, I was still pretty mad about the DNF (because...
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    Now selling Magnetic clocks!!

    Hi. I’m working to make and set up more and more clocks as time goes on. I’m a little backed up at the moment with orders and school but should be able to catch up in June. If you have sent me a DM I will respond when I have one ready!! The clocks are still $30 (a lot cheaper than I’ve seen many...
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    Now selling Magnetic clocks!!

    I reordered more stuff to make more magnetic clocks!!! If anyone wants to buy one I should have them ready in the next few weeks!! same price as before ($30)
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    Race to Sub x on Clock

    Round 36 sub-6 avg of 12: 6.224 Time List: 1. 6.830 DR5+ UL2+ R6+ D3+ ALL2- y2 UR4+ DR3+ DL5- UL3- U1- R5- UR DL UL 2. 6.691 DL1+ U2- D6+ L4+ ALL3+ y2 UR6+ DR5- UL1+ R5- D4- DR DL UL 3. 6.813 UR5+ DR3+ DL3+ U5+ R6+ y2 UR2+ DR3+ UL1+ R2+ D1- UR DL 4. 5.980 DR3- DL5+ U2- D1+ ALL3+ y2...
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    US Nationals 2019

    Yay that’s really close to me!!!! Gonna go for a clock podium!!!
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    Fingertrick B and B’ during f2l?

    It would just be better to rotate and do that alg. Even though you can get rid of some rotations but don’t try to get rid of all of them. It you never want to rotate you should look into switching to roux which is the method I use (or ZZ, but ZZ isn’t really good).
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    Solving a 3x3 Blindfolded on a unicycle!

    4 bld next? Also If you have any ideas on future challenges post them here!