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    Gan Mega vs. Galaxy V2 L M

    Hi, I am currently thinking about getting a good megaminx and I am not shure if I should buy a Cosmic Galaxy V2 L M or a Gan Megaminx. What are your opinions on the puzzles?
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    what do you think are the limits to the WR of every current event right now?

    You know that both already have sub-1 singles?
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    2020 Race to sub-x on a 3x3

    Goal: Sub-18 Cube: GTS 3M ao12: 16.51 1. (20.02) 2. 17.44 3. 15.39 4. 16.40 5. 14.94 6. 15.27 7. 19.73 8. 18.00 9. 15.52 10. (13.92) 11. 17.54 12. 14.83
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    [Unofficial] Skewb 9.99 ao5

    My first sub-10 Skewb average! 1. (8.30) R‘ B U‘ B‘ R L‘ R‘ L 2. (14.08) R U R‘ B L B L U‘ 3. 9.40 U L‘ B L‘ R‘ B‘ R L R‘ 4. 10.75 R U B‘ R‘ L R‘ L‘ U 5. 9.83 U R‘ B U‘ B U B‘
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    [Help Thread] Gen 4 Stack Mat timer not working

    Hi. My Gen 4 timer does not work right. Sometimes when I put my hands on it, the lights do not turn on. Also, sometimes it stops after about 0.005 seconds. And sometimes it does not stop when I put my hands on the timer. I have already changed the battery. What can I do?
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    [Help Thread] I can't remember my memo.

    Hi. I'm using the Old Pochman Method and I can solve the 2x2 blindfolded. Every time I try to solve the 3x3 blindfolded, I forget my memo. How can I remember all letters?
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    [Help Thread] 4x4 Discussion and Help

    Hi! I need help with the 4x4x4. My average is 1:40 minutes. I use the Yau method but I first do all centers and after that, I start cross edges and 3-2-3 edge pairing. My centers are taking 20 seconds, the edge pairing 50 seconds and the 3x3x3 step + parity 30 seconds on average. How could I get...