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    [Help Thread] GAN 356 air GES problem

    Sounds like the nut is stripped. GES nuts are known to do this, sadly. I've had at least two nuts become stripped on me so far over the dozens of GAN cubes I've dealt with selling at comps. You have no choice but to get a replacement.
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    Magnets thread

    Which cube are you magnetizing? I think that setup sounds fine, but make sure the plastic thickness is roughly the same throughout the cube, otherwise using different magnets can have unintended consequences. In my opinion, odd-layered cubes can get away with having the same strength throughout...
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    Magnet polarity change.

    It's been done.
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    Magnets thread

    I think I disagree. The feeling between N35 and N38 is very significant compared to N38 and N40/N42. I magnetized my YLM6 with N38 4x1.5 and N38 4x1 and it came out phenomenal. The strength feels similar to what the AoShi GTS or Shadow has, maybe even a tad stronger. The problem is that...
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    I Made A Magnetic Kilominx. Sort Of.

    Hey, this is actually pretty amazing! It's a real shame we don't have much choice in the way of kibiminx hardware. In fact, we only have TWO choices between the ShengShou black and the FanXin (CubeStyle) stickerless. The internals are nearly identical, the only difference I could spot between...
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    Trying To Magnetize A Kilominx

    It may be much more difficult than you realize. Since it is an even-ordered puzzle (compare to a 2x2 or 4x4 cube), you'll run into a situation where, for example, if you simply place single magnets in each corner and edge, you'll get polarities mixed up. As it is an even-ordered puzzle, all...
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    Magnets thread

    You can find N42 5x1 on AliExpress. You can also find N45 5x1 on Supramagnets. They're from China, so surely they'll ship internationally. The difference in strength from N42 5x1 is hardly noticeable to basically negligent.
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    Magnets thread

    N50 4x2 is ridiculously strong for any 3x3, provided they are the real deal (since many sellers on eBay will actually end up being N35, anyway). N35 4x2 will be far too weak for the GTS2 due to how thick the plastic is in that cube. In general, you want strong magnets for fast cubes and weaker...
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    Magnets thread

    I think the magnets I used turned out to be quite all right, although I prefer to have them a little stronger than that (but that wouldn't be very economical, considering this is already one of the cheapest 3x3s on the market). The cube ended up being okay, but it truly feels like a budget of a...
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    What Is your Main 3x3? Poll

    I go back and forth between GTS3M and GAN356 RM (N48 5x1 magnets).
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    Magnets thread

    If that is the true strength and not some knock-off from eBay that is secretly N35, then you will definitely kill that cube. I personally believe magnets that strong has no place in cubing. Or you can just do it anyway and let us know the results. Enjoy your Excalibur Cube!
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    Selling LE Candy Color GTS2Ms and Force Cubes

    So I took six regular stickerless WeiLong GTS2Ms and a Sakura Pink, Emerald Green, and a Sky Blue LE GTS2M and swapped all the shades from the stickerless cubes. As a result, I ended up with six pink stickerless cubes and three residual force cubes. The force cubes have their counterpart LE...
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    Magnets thread

    You can buy any cut of N35 on eBay for cheap. For everything else, like my N38 magnets I used, I got from Gaussboys.
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    Magnets thread

    I've never tried it, nor have I heard of anybody using it, but for the very reason you just stated, I'm going to not recommend it. What I do recommend, however, if you're in the US, is to get some Gorilla Glue Gel at your local hardware store.