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    What's in a name? CFOP or Fridrich?

    lol Sorry, I'm actually a guy. I picked the name "Sue Doenim" as a pun on "psuedonym", which means "fake name". Your point still stands, though. I know that @Aerma is both female and a valued contributor.
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    The New Method / Substep / Concept Idea Thread

    The case count would be somewhere around 6000.
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    One-Answer Other Question Thread

    I'm pretty sure 0/10 would be 0.0000953674316%, but I'm not totally sure about 1/10. My guess would be 0.001907348%, but I'm not sure if that's right.
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    [Help Thread] Roux Discussion and Help

    Yeah, that would just be called an EOLR skip. There's a 1/960 or 0.104166666% chance, so it's not very common.
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    [Help Thread] The "Square-1 Help / Alg Sharing" thread

    Jaap Scherphuis made an optimal solver you can find out about here, but it's not very user-friendly. I think maybe you could also use kSolve, but I don't know anything about it.
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    [Help Thread] The "Square-1 Help / Alg Sharing" thread

    Assuming parity is correct, you'd have PLL (21), swapped PLL (22), PLL+1 (76), swapped PLL+1 (76), opp (76), and adj (76), so 271 algs if I did it right. I say that's pretty feasible, if someone is dedicated enough to square one, especially since with M2 you can easily change the case if you...
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    HD Method (2x2, alternative to CLL+)

    I don't have editing access to the sheet, so I can't change it. At any rate, I don't think it makes a big difference. Recognition is pretty simple, as long as you remember that the D-layer corner is in the UBL spot.
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    HD Method (2x2, alternative to CLL+)

    I think maybe that there's some issue with the website that hosts the pictures. I would just look at the written case descriptions. With the D-layer corner in the UBL position, you can either have a bar on F, a bar on R, a bar on both (solved), opposite on F, opposite on R, or opposite on both...
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    HD Method (2x2, alternative to CLL+)

    Basically, to make the V, you do orientation just like in Guimond, then you do R2/L2/F2/B2/U/D moves to make the V's. A lot of the time, the second part is done or it can just be cancelled into. It's pretty intuitive, with supplements from mini-algs from Guimond. V's pretty much ended up...
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    [Help Thread] Roux Discussion and Help

    My advice would be to check algsheets (I know that at least Kian has one specifically for SB), watch example solves, and do slow solves for practice. There's a block trainer for SB here that has full SB, square, and pair, to maybe check that out.
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    Does method neutral on 3x3 worth it?

    I don't think the drain on your inspection would be work it. With a fixed method, your efficiency will be (marginally) better, but you won't be able to plan as much of the solve in inspection, so your solve won't go as smoothly. I think you would benefit more from an average FB+DR than from an...
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    The New Method / Substep / Concept Idea Thread
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    Magnetic vs non magnetic

    I think it's interesting that for a while after magnetic cubes were first released, M slices were a really big concern, but now, no one gives them a second thought.
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    HD Method (2x2, alternative to CLL+)

    Basically, you just do the Guimond alg, but a lot of the time you can cancel out of the alg in a way that gets you a V. When you can't, you just add a move or two to make the V's. There are a bunch of examples that I've done in the past in the 2×2 example solve thread, if you can be bothered...