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    Post Your Gan Collection Here

    gan 354 worst purchase of my life lol
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    Upcoming puzzles

    MS makes the slice have controllability while fully magnetic gives the whole cube more controlability
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    What is your PB scramble?

    nice job using one of the most infamous lol scrambles on the internet to fake your solve
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    [AsR] Sean Patrick Villanueva 5.98 3x3 Average!

    BECAUSE ITS A DECENT FREAKING METHOD!! - sincerely, cfop solver
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    [AsR] Sean Patrick Villanueva 5.98 3x3 Average!

    lmoa have you even tried roux
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    Magnetic vs non magnetic

    but you need stability
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    Magnetic vs non magnetic

    its not even a matter of opinion. magnetic cubes are so revolutionary that the only event where you can even get by with a nonmagenetic cube is MAYBE OH.
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    New GAN puzzles

    kinda saddens me that people think that gan is the only brand that is good. moyu, qiyi and yuxin are all amazing companies
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    What are the fundamentals of a good solve

    whatever gets you sub 7s :P
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    gan 354m vs gan air sm 2019

    try them both at a comp because peoples opinions may not be what you like. you also should try other brands of cubes because you may like those better than gan which most people do.
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    Weekly Competition 2019-42

    3x3: 9.44, 11.96, 10.67, 10.90, 8.19. 10.33 average
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    [Help Thread] Cubing Critiques and Help

    PetrusQuber you can use petrus if you can find good fingertricks for 2x2x3. I currently use CFOP and average around 17 seconds OH. Im planning on switching to ZZ, or atleast getting comfortable to the point where ill switch if i want to. If you want the best method however, use roux.
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    [Help Thread] Cubing Critiques and Help

    ill help with the best event, OH
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    Do I suck? xD

    dont do guimond also your doing great!
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    YUXIN LITTLE MAGIC 3X3 BEST WCA PUZZLE!!!!!!!!!!11111111eleven!!!!!!!!1!!11!1!1!111!!!11111111111