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    No 3x3x3 Waterloo 2018: Side-Event Competition in Ontario, Canada

    Competition Information: Facebook Event: Registration: Date: June 2, 2018 Events: 4x4x4 5x5x5...
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    Athens Summer Omega 2016 (ALL WCA EVENTS -1) [Athens, GA]

    That was me in response to someone's report about the image macros. Image macros used to be against the forum rules in all subforums, but have been recently changed to just be not allowed in constructive discussions. I forgot about the change when I deleted the images -- sorry, my bad. I've...
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    [Help Thread] Where To Buy Cubes Thread

    Thread closed. Please use the updated version of this thread:
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    Forum Upgraded

    Unfortunately not. I liked having 40 posts per page too, but because of the URL conventions with XenForo, everyone has 20 posts per page.
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    Forum Upgraded

    Here you go:
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    Toronto Limited, Spring 2016

    From canadianCUBING's Facebook page: Registration: Date: April 30, 2016. Location: 20 Grosvenor St., Toronto, ON Events: 2x2x2 3x3x3 3x3x3 OH 5x5x5 Pyraminx Skewb Note: Registration is already...
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    Wow, I posted that 8 years ago. 3 years I knew 1337: I haven't practiced much since then. Now I probably know about 500.
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    Rate your Speedcubes Guys.
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    A friendly reminder

    Thanks to everyone who has been reporting the recent spam threads. Also...
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    Wiki Discussion Thread

    I agree with TDM that the U face should be a solid colour. I think more people would find it simpler to learn recognition if the images looked like what the 4x4x4 case would actually look like. I like #2 the most because it eliminates all the clutter and is one of the easiest/quickest to relate...
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    Coming Out

    The Regulations don't mention this, but you can ask a Delegate to change the personal information on your WCA profile, including your name, birthdate, gender, and country.
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    Is this comp legal?

    No. It violates 3j:
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    When was your first 3BLD success?

    December 2007, I think. It was about 8 months after I started cubing.
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    Add your YouTube channel to your profile!

    I've updated it so it accepts up to 40 characters. Now the link works. :)
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    2015 Forum Awards!

    Best Post: Funniest Posts (not in any significant order):