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    100x100x100 Rubik's Cube Solve

    Old news, but this didn't get as much interest as I was hoping for. Me (Peter Greenwood) and Ravi Fernando solved a 100x100x100 computer cube in December-January earlier this year. It took 34 Days, 4 Hours, 13 Minutes, 11.22 seconds. While we called it a "team-solve", we didn't switch off...
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    I'll be gone the next few days...

    I'm leaving for camp on friday, for 5 weeks! I won't be near a computer for email, but if you do send me an email I will read it when I get back.
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    Oh my God I suck

    As much as that sucks, it is about three million times better than I can do! Kepp it up!
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    Not knowing how to solve the cube

    I don't remember much before cubing, but I do remember getting my first cube. All i could think about was getting home and playing with it. I never did learn to solve it on my own, try as I might. Eventually I knew the method from the booklet cover to cover, with a few of my changes thrown in...
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    IE vs. FF

    If you are looking for more extentions than the ones at, check out this site: I am currently using alot of those suggestions and have been for a while.
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    What's your favorite Free Software?

    This is too general. Most of the time all I work with is free software, so I have come across a lot that I like. It really depends on what category you are talking about, but a few of my favorites are Firefox, Crimson Editor. I have tons more I use alot, but after those it gets very difficult to...
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    A quick idea

    IMO, F2L doesnt really use algorithms, more like moves (just like first and second blocks of roux).
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    A quick idea

    What do you get when you mulitply your PB single time (non-lucky) for 3x3 by the number of algorithms you knew (for that method) at that time. 19.42 * 21 = 407.82 for me. What are yours?
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    Using the 5x5 as a warm-up for the 3x3

    I believe it is actually turning the 5x5 that makes your 3x3 times better. At rutgers, I helped out scrambling 5x5 cubes, while doing second round 3x3. My second round times were excellent! The only reason I can think of is that your hands become pumped from turning the not so loose 5x5, and...
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    Disassembling 4x4 and 5x5

    Check my page: 4x4 should be up very soon, I am trying to get it up fast.
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    I think of it as a 3x3x3 without edges. Imagine you have already solved cross, and you are now doing F2L, but without edges. Then orient the last layer, but ignore the non-existant edges. Then permute with a 3 cycle or y-perm. Thats what I do, but its not very fast. If you want to get faster...
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    Names for stickers

    I had the same problem, so I "borrowed" some from Stefan's page. I ended up with WO having no name, so I named it a whitehole. :) Heres the list of my names: WG is crossed out because I never use it. Also remember that corners can use the same names as...
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    Shooting to LU with Pochmann's method

    Thats a great alg Joel! I think I might start using that myself. That case gets really annoying for me, so that will be a really handy alg.
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    Best technique to memorize the cube...

    If you are using pochmann's, memorize in the order you solve in, edges then corners. I use a story to memorize the pieces. This method can be found on his site:
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    Lets go to the movies!

    I think Bob Burton's website might help. He has videos for each of his algorithms, both slow and fast. His website is