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    Non-Cubers say the darndest things!

    Haha, funny to see so many years later this thread is so popular.
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    Don't inhale your Jig-A-Loo --- causes Headaches

    jig-a-loo chug should be a new event
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    Don't inhale your Jig-A-Loo --- causes Headaches

    simple solution, bust a hole in the can and drink the insides.
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    Sophia's Cure Sophia's Cure Foundation is a non for profit organization which was formed shortly after our daughter was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. The foundation was created to assist in funding for clinical research towards finding a cure for SMA and to offer...
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    Looking to purchase any working Zune!

    Hey, my 4GB Zune broke. I am in serious need for a new one. But I'm not trying to much, so please contact me if you have any advice/help. Or will sell me your own! Thanks, Paul.
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    World Record predictions in the year 2020?

    3x3: I bet Kim Peek will memorize all optimal solves in a matter of minutes and then show us up. Avg: 3.xy Single: 2.xy
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    9x9 Cube Pictures

    I believe that must be the worst piece of craftsmanship I've ever seen.
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    The story behind YOUR username

    This sexy kid.
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    FS: Lots of cubes

    Mylo Sold I am now going to attempt for a deal, I am willing to sell my 2 type As one modded white, one regular black, black Vcube 5 with white core, mefferts 4x4, and screw spring 2x2 cube, and this other 3x3 which is weird. And if I find anyother cubes I'll throw those in. For 60$
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    About video camera's ...?

    Vivitar 840XHD it's 180$ at radioshack, it's amazing buy it.
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    Sodium Chloride and Ammonia?!

    I accidentally mixed a soap with sodium chloride with it and ammonia together am I going to wake up in the morning?
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    Lockerz Update

    If anybody needs any help as well I will be helping with invites if anybody needs them, so PM me your email if you need to. And also for testimony I got 3 iPhone skins from lockerz.
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    WC2009 live streaming?

    I need the real results.
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    FS: Used Compaq Presario F700 (Minor Scratches)

    300$ I will post a HD video tomorrow. Upgraded to have 3GB of ram.
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    [Unofficial] Slow motion Magic solve

    Not a flat surface.