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    WCA Regulations - Out of Hand?

    Remember, one could easily forge initials/draw an arrow down after the first solve on another competitor's score sheet. Then the sabotaged competitor would be violating A7c2 and would be forced to take DNSes. This does nothing to help prevent tapering of scoresheets. Another option? Volunteer...
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    WCA Regulations 2014

    I don't think competitor signing is needed at all. Judges should sign in case there's a case of bad handwriting or something. I think that as soon as the competitor leaves the immediate area around the table, the competitor is considered to have agreed with the final time. The argument that...
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    Remove 3x3x3 with Feet as an Official Event?

    A good question to ask is what is the difference between having feet be an official event and say, one handed. The only difference I see here is the gross factor.
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    Remove 3x3x3 with Feet as an Official Event?

    Feet makes cubing look less legitimate and just silly. Also, many people find it gross and don't want to scramble/judge it.
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    Undeleted the last few messages because I think it is a valid question. Not sure why they were deleted. New mods are added to the team when we feel there's a need for them. If reported posts start getting backed up, we may either focus more on them or add another mod. I'll use Brest as an...
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    Which timer works with QJ?

    You guys are quite pleasant and welcoming. (I think CCT works fine with it).
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    What Happens To Young Cube Solvers When They Get Older?

    Started when I was 12. 18 now. I code.
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    Java 3x3 Scrambler

    RL is a valid scramble, and this scrambler doesn't seem to allow that. I'll leave you to figure that one out :P. The structure of the code is fine though, and interesting way of keeping track of the axis. Also, instead of using a switch statement, you can use an array and have the index be a...
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    This record is DNF but...

    We can't hear for sure whether or not the judge said the time in the video. But you would be correct if the judge did not.
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    Ads suddenly showing on main forum page

    It was Google's choice. Google knows what's best for Dene.
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    my thread is closed that is sad :(

    Feel free to get involved with the community. You seem to have not done that at all.
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    Toronto Open, Winter 2013

    Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it this time around.
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    Toronto Open, Winter 2013

    You mean more fun.
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    WCA Documents: Updated January 1, 2013

    It is the competitor's responsibility to know the rules. If there is ever a question, the competitor can still ask for the delegate to make the judgement call.
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    WCA Documents: Updated January 1, 2013

    That wouldn't be a defect of the puzzle then. That would be like taking a sledge hammer to a timer and calling it a timer defect.