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    Looking for VCubes from someone in the US

    I'm looking for one's that aren't sticker modded.
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    Looking for VCubes from someone in the US

    I'm looking for a v cube 7 and/or 5 from someone in the United States. I don't have much money but may be able to pay a little and I am willing to trade. PM me if interested in working something out.
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    Cubing and People

    I like how it has flourished into somethso big. People ALL over the world all come together
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    Cubing and People

    Let's talk about what we like about the cubing community and how it brings people together. I especially like how we can all learn from each other and how nice we all are. How about you guys?
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    [Member Intro] Getting more involved!

    This is my puzzle collection. Give me some suggestions on what puzzles i should get next.
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    5x5 Solve

    Here is a 5x5 solve I did. Could you please watch and maybe give me some tips on how to get better?
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    [Member Intro] Getting more involved!

    Thank you. It is very appreciated. I'm sorry my video and audio isn't all that great but I'd like to make sure my channel will get somewhere before I invest a lot of money in recording gear.
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    [Member Intro] Getting more involved!

    Hi my name is Patrick, I'm not that new to the cubing community but recently I've gotten more involved. One part of that is the start of my new youtube channel: Patrick Is a cube. Check it out. I have videos sich as a stop motion, an unboxing, and a review, as well as some solves. Im looking...
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    The "Request an Alg" Thread

    G-Perms without cube rotations please...
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    Rochester/Buffalo, NY Competition?

    I would do one in buffalo as long as i could compete too.
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    Cornell Open Spring 2015?

    it would be nice to have one.....but ann arbor isnt that far for me... like six hours in a car.
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    New York cubers? Rochester to be specific?

    I live way down in gowanda....but if it was possible a club would be awesome.....