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    Gan 356 X cleaning issue

    Here is exactly how I do mine. I've had it for almost a year, and it's always smooth. Used to clean it once a week, now I have it down to an art and do it once a month or so since the effect lasts much longer. (used water once...never again omg took forever to dry) (Personal Note: put in...
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    Trading Or Selling - Gan 356X, MF3RS2, YLM M Square-1, Angstrom Lubes, And More!

    is the 356X numeric or ipg v5?
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    Win a free puzzle! Predict the winning average!

    7.48 better be careful to not guess the same as another person :D
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    [Review] GAN 356 X

    yeah the cubicle is nice. a couple of my corner pieces came loose from the stalks. they offered to send me the corners, but showed me how to fix it myself instead if i wanted. i fixed them, and we didn't have to hassle with getting spares sent out. I've had to fix them a few times after...
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    [Member Intro] hello fellow nerds

    Hello, Welcome :D I want to try Megaminx, need to get around to it. no tips, I haven't even been cubing a year, but all the same, hi!
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    One-Answer WCA Competition and Regulations Question Thread

    Hope this is in the right place. Are all penalties (like inspection +2 ) shown explicitly in competition result scores? I can't find this information anywhere, and wonder if I got any +2s during inspection (first competition). it just shows my times, so I assume not...and I can't find...
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    One Answer Question Hardware Thread

    Sorry It sounded confusing, I promise I tried to be clear :D Really appreciate the response! Thanks! Perfect! That's what I wondered, if the layer should be physically moved to the end, or if it just needed a bit of a forceful nudge to "throw" it into place. This is exactly what I was trying...
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    One Answer Question Hardware Thread

    Note: I know it takes practise, and accuracy is key, but I want to make sure I'm going about it correctly, and that I'm not giving myself a disadvantage with a bad setup. Should be fairly easy to give a "flick" of the finger and for a layer to have enough momentum to move itself into position...
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    One Answer Question Hardware Thread

    IPG v5 is the traditional nut adjustment style (simply screw them in to threaded axles), requiring the typical tool to adjust tensions. you can adjust very small, or large, amounts on each, , and there's no "fixed" points. I also have this version, as I prefer greater control, and like to feel...
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    Looking to buy the plastic wrap around puzzles. this is probably what you're looking for: "self-adhesive bags"
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    3x3 is locking up randomly (GAN 356 X)

    Update: took it apart again, wiped it down thoroughly. using 50k Diff Lube, Team Losi , in the core, and Gan Magic Lube in the cubies. I also switched to purple nuts, pretty loose tension. No lockup so far. It feels fantastic! not the same as out of box, but that's because I changed so...
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    3x3 is locking up randomly (GAN 356 X)

    I took mine apart and cleaned it thoroughly, unfortunately my experiment with lube didn't turn out that well (I used bones speed cream for the core...nope, you need a thicker lube for it, plus i'm confident there's not enough in there) I'm heading to the hobby shop today to get RC differential...
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    F2L Trainer Interest Check

    OHHHH got it, so you can control the final resting place of the pairing by performing different algorithms, got it, thanks! I'm working on intuitive F2, and now that it's coming along better, this application is going to be very helpful to recognise shapes and results of movements.
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    GAN356 X Setup Thread (Numerical IPG)

    Oh really? Good to know, thanks! Being new is fun, you find out all these things in pieces, and the more you learn, the more you have to dig for newer information.
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    F2L Trainer Interest Check

    Fantastic! Thank you! When I saw the M move methods for F2L I soiled my huggies. Now I need to understand the BL FR etc terminology... using this to look