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    Should I switch methods?

    Unless I'm misinterpreting you, you are doing Roux/ZZ wrong. They are similar to Petrus in that they both use blockbuilding - if you are doing the first steps the same way you'd do CFOP, it negates the efficiency benefits you gain from using these methods. Good luck in your search; just...
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    [Official] Blake Thompson - 8.86 3x3 Single (Lucky)

    Wow, congrats! You are getting to be quite fast.
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    [Unofficial] 8.69 avg12 with Roux, with 6.5 single (new fastest on vid :D)

    I remember when we were about the same speed, and now look at you. Damn. Congrats on getting so fast, man. Hopefully you'll keep on pushing Roux further and further.
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    SpeedSolving StarCraft 2 Community

    I was watching your stream for a little bit earlier but twitch was being weird so I had to stop. My account is: NeedReality.408 USA, Bronze League Protoss I've had the game since the sale in November or so, but didn't play all that much until I went to MLG last weekend. Quit out of practice...
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    [poll] What is the greatest colour of all time?

    It's hard to choose, but probably Daphne Blue (vintage car/guitar color).
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    Miscellaneous / non-useful / gimmicky / random fun ways of solving a cube.

    As in one of the Columns First Methods? If so, that hardly belongs in a thread about misc./non-useful/gimmicky/random ways to solve the cube - it is quite a viable method in my opinion.
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    What kind of musical instrument can you play?

    My main instrument is the guitar (5 years now, I believe) but I've also known how to play the recorder and harmonica since I was a kid, I just don't focus on them much. About to start getting back into the piano after I bring back a keyboard to my dorm this weekend - I've always loved the...
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    How tall are you? March 2011.

    18, turning 19 in July, and still the same height as my previous post: 5'7". Pretty sure I am going to stay at this height - was hoping for another 2 inches or so, but I've been stuck here for a few years now.
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    What's in your pockets?

    I always have my phone in my left pocket and then my wallet, school ID (out of my wallet to more easily access card swipe things for buildings/food), and dorm key in my right one. That's about all I carry around in my pockets - I always have a bookbag with me though so I've got school stuff...
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Global average? How long was the text? I'm just getting back up to my old QWERTY average of ~100 WPM after learning how to touch type with Colemak. Fastest since has been around 110.
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    LSE Competition

    4.08, 3.68, 3.26, 4.28, 2.53, 2.93, 3.78, 4.03, 3.78, 5.91, 4.50, 4.43 = 3.88 I'm not so great at LSE.
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    Easy / Lucky / Funny / Hard / Weird scrambles thread

    Pyraminx: L' R L' B L' R B' R b' u
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    My WitTwo 2x2 is not working properly

    Something very similar happened to me when I first got my WitTwo. Disassemble it and you should notice that some of the "edges" are slightly different than the others, in that they have extra ridges I suppose you could say. Use these all on one corner when reassembling, do not distribute them...
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    How Big Are Your Hands?

    6.5 inches or about 16.5 cm. Pretty sure they won't be growing anymore, so stuck with relatively small hands it seems.