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    csTimer released

    I think I've suggested some things here before and they've been implemented so let's try this :) I am aware of a feature that allows for use of a stackmat timer to begin the inspection timer by tapping the right pad of the timer. Is this kind of signal relay-able mid solve? If so, would it be...
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    Generated By csTimer on 2018-5-15 single: 21.230 Time List: 1. 21.230 R U B D' B' R2 F' L' U L' D2 R B2 U2 L2 D2 L' U2 L' Rw' Uw couple days old but got exams so cant bld much the next week or so ree globalling low 31 now which is coo, still going for sub 30 global by next comp (2nd-3rd June)
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    I use this alg for UF buffer (UF-UL-DR), it's pretty nice actually. It isn't a comm but it does the job and is 2 gen so even better. Also no it's mine >:(
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    Good **** dude, come back and catch me in comp tho xox My solution (got like a 21.5, pretty locky and **** corner exec really) y2 L' D' F2 D' L2 B' R' U' B' R2 L2 D2 F' U2 F U2 F U2 L2 (yes I did y2 before the scramble purposefully to avoid a solved buffer sue me) UF/UBL btw z2 y' // Orient...
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    MoYu 15x15x15

    I don't get removing the ability for the 95% of people to leave comments and feedback just because of the occasional edgi boi.
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    MoYu 15x15x15

    Are you going to re-open your YouTube comments anytime soon or is there still too much wrongthink?
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    Using 1 algorithm, anyone can solve Rubik's cube!

    Putting a Rubik's Cube tutorial on the Speedsolving forums... That's like offering driving lessons on a Formula 1 forum.
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    Rubik's Cube World Championship 2017 - Paris, France (13-16 July 2017)

    Is there any more info at all about the World's website? This is making it very difficult to budget and plan.
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    The New Method / Substep / Concept Idea Thread

    Ngl it looks interesting. Targetted towards multi-method solvers though. Try get some feedback from roux-cfopers
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    Fantasy Cubing 2017!

    Spanish translation links to Portuguese :P
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    csTimer released

    I know how to change the distribution, but I want a separate distribution for each session that can be set accordingly. I know I can change it manually depending on the session, but automatic changing of it would be nice
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    2017 New Year's Resolutions / Goals

    Format- Event - goal - current 2x2 - who cares it'll be gone from the WCA by the end of the year :^) 3x3 - sub-11 (sub-10 if i'm feeling nutty) - ~12 4x4 - sub-40 - ~45 5x5 - sub-1:20 (i.e gitgud) - ~1:35 6x6 - sub-2:40 - ~3:10 7x7 - after buying a non pillowed puzzle, sub-4:45 - idk i dont...
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    csTimer released

    Use desktop backgrounds. The widgets on CSTimer lie on top of the background, so you're looking for a background image that matches your screen resolution. visit here and find your resolution, then google desktop backgrounds and find the direct image link...