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    [Unofficial] MBLD 44/46, 59:49

    Definitely. Sometimes I practiced, sometimes I didn't, but I practice memory sports daily for few months now, with good results, so it's definitely the reason why I am still able to memorise cubes as fast as before. Even more: I feel like my memory in MBLD is stronger than even before (it's 3...
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    [Unofficial] MBLD 44/46, 59:49

    memo 38:42 (50.48/cube) solve 21:07 (27.54/cube) cubes: Moyu Hualong 2 DNFs. I solved those cubes PERFECTLY how I remembered them. I remembered them PERFECTLY how I memorised them. And that's the problem: I made mistakes in memorisation phase and memorised wrong pieces. I think I started to...
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    [NAR] Mark Boyanowski - 31/32 MBLD in 54:27

    But you know that I always did it EXACTLY in the same way, even with 50 cubes? xD
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    [AsR] Kaijun Lin - 30/30 MBLD 54:11

    In 2013 xD But I am really happy that after all those years of stagnation in MBLD few people started to do something. I wait for the day that I will be 2nd in the world :)
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    [SAR] Gianfranco Huanqui 26/26 MBLD

    I think that he cheated, everybody knows that 26 cubes in one hour are impossibru!
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    [WR] Kaijun Lin - 21.05 3x3BLD single

    That's true but I have this strange feeling that my whole 5 years speedcubing career is a one big break ^ _ ^
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    [WR] Kaijun Lin - 21.05 3x3BLD single

    GGWP xD Not really. One WR out, I still have another two :tu And I prefer to have a challenge, it's a great motivation. But I can't even promise that I will try to take it again because I am injured, my left hand doesn't work good for few weeks now and it looks like it can be a problem for...
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    BLD FAQ (Do yourself a favor and read this)

    For recommending M2: I will find you. Then I will eat you xD Of course M2 is much faster than OP edges but IMO (and not only IMO I guess) comms for DF buffer are worse than for UF if you just learned TuRBo :P And learning TuRBo is probably easier after OP than moving from M2. Especially if...
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    [AsR] Kaijun Lin MBLD 22/23

    :tu But...
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    WR Speculation Thread

    sub19 should be done on my last comp, 21.24 with ~2.5 seconds pause during execution ;(
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    [Unofficial] Maskow: 2/2 Real Man MBLD on single cube, 1:38.44

    I have no idea what I am doing. Inspired by this thread:!&p=1097710#post1097710 It was my second attempt. The previous one was 1:48.07 My order: Scramble 1 Memo 1 Invert scramble 1...
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    [Unofficial] Maskow: 3x3 BLD 16.77

    It's not that easy to say in the event when you have so many random DNFs (I don't care about accuracy when I practice and usually it's around 70% and sometimes even 60%). But it's around 25 second.
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    [Unofficial] Maskow: 3x3 BLD 16.77

    sub20 are too common to upload them but 16.xx are still rare enough ;) BTW. my PB and UWR is 16.29 (it's on my channel) Scramble: R2 D R' B2 D' L' B' U F2 L R2 F U2 L B' D' U' B2 F2 R D U' F2 R Solution: x' U' L D' L' U L D L' x [8] L D' L' U' L D L' U [8] F' D' R U2 R' D R U2 R' F...