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    Practice F2L infinitely

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    43 Quintillion is Wrong

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    Full OLL Video guide with Explainations These videos are more explanation based rather than just memorizing an algorithm.
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    Solve Rubik's Cube with No Notation! good for beginers. Video

    I just didn't know what to say. BTW, I made a 4x4 and 5x5 tutorial as well. 4x4- 5x5-
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    4x4x4 (no notation) tutorial

    I made a successful 3x3 tutorial with no notation so now i have a 4x4 tutorial with no notation this is meant for beginners. it's not fast, it just gets the job done in the simplest way to understand. unique approach.
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    StackmatPro Timer - Windows 10 I used this one and it works for me. plus i like prisma better anyway
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    How far would you travel for a competition?

    I live in the middle of the country, in Springfield Mo. it seems like most competitions are near the coasts or boarders. I've gone to two competitions before, one in Ohio and one in Kansas. that's several hours driving time for each. If there were more in Missouri i would go to more.
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    Solve Rubik's Cube with No Notation! good for beginers. Video

    I have been solving the Rubiks Cube for 5 years now, and can average under 16 seconds (100 solves.) In that time, ive taught tens of people how to solve the cube. My desire to teach and this experience has helped me craft an amazing How To video using no notation. My first attempt at a how to...
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    Hello, my name is Elijah Berry.

    Hello, my name is Elijah Berry.