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    Want to make stickers

    The thing is that none of the cube stores are delivering in India. Moreover, they do not have YJ MGC stickers. It would be okay if anyone could suggest some others stickers that fit well on the MGC.
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    Want to make stickers

    Hi everyone!! I have been cubing a lot these days due to the lockdown(I live in India btw), because of which the stickers of my 3x3 have started chipping and it is quite bad. Can anyone suggest a way to make stickers if anyone has made them?
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    Thoughts on Going to Competitions Starting June 5th?

    I think keeping competitions right now is a bad idea. Since there are a lot of places the virus could be transmitted through like the timer or maybe even through cubes(not really sure if the virus stays on these surfaces). Also physical distancing could be difficult in places having smaller...
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    Not able to find stickers

    Hello all! Basically my YJ MGC stickers have started chipping and I would like to get them replaced. I live in India and I am not able to find replacement stickers for the cube. Can anyone suggest some other stickers of any other cube that would be reasonable for the MGC?
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    [Help Thread] Colour Neutrality Discussion

    Hello everyone!! Since the past few days, I feel I should be colour neutral. As of now, I am a green cross solver and rarely do any colour other than green. I am currently averaging 11-12 seconds: 1.)Is it worth for me to be colour neutral or should I learn full oll first? 2.) How should I...
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    [Member Intro] Hello to the world of cubing!

    I have been cubing for about 4 years with a large gap of about 6 months just recently. I recently have started cubing again and enjoy every bit of it. I average about 12 seconds on 3x3 and use the YJ MGC as my main. Other than 3x3 I also compete in 4x4, 5x5, 2x2, Megaminx, Pyraminx, Square 1 and...