Free time. Headphones in. Cube out.

Occupation : Masters of Computer Science Student ,Los Angeles,CA
Passion : Weight Lifting, online gaming (X-professional player of CounterStrike, League of Legends &
WoW(GM)), Math puzzles, Photography, swimming,
Travelling and what not.
Cubing level: Uber newbie
saw a [] First? : 020217
next 5 days : Eagerly Read each and every forums , methods(and which is my type of method) , patterns, type of
cubs(&which one is best as per my taste and way of
thinkin) etc.
Next Step : Bought my cube after all research, firmed for the
method I am gonna use for the beginning and I am
pretty much confident that made a right choice and
will make some progress real soon.
Method : Roux Method
First Cube : QiYi Valk 3 [Stickerless]
December 30
Los Angeles, CA | Houston, TX
3x3 Method
Roux Method
Masters of Computer Science Student