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    V-cubes for sale!

    $40? including shipping for the v7 to California, USA.
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    TI-83/84+ "CUBELAB" (scrambler, etc.)

    EDIT: Nevermind it works now thanks. :)
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    TI-83/84+ "CUBELAB" (scrambler, etc.)

    I keep getting invalid dim for your scrambler mistarts. Any idea why?
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    Perfect BLD Scramble

    But especially for BLD rofl, cause its like 2 edges 2 corners parity for CP, and just finish off the EP. Super lucky then. :D
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    Perfect BLD Scramble

    So I've learned the basics of 3 cycle and haven't really gotten into BLD, but I was doing some regular speedsolving and came across this scramble. Have some fun with it guys. =P (it's amazing...) Scramble: L' R' D U R B F2 L2 B R' D2 U2 F R2 F' R D' F D' R' D2 U R D' L Someone better get sub30...
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    Does Cube4you have any blank kits

    I think cube4you changed their stickers recently because they used to be kinda hard and durable pvc and now they just like chip off like crazy, and theyre a lot softer.
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    So my friend ordered it for me 3 weeks ago from and the payment was accepted but there have been no responses by email other than that. Through countless emails by me and others who have boughten it within the last month atleast, nobody has received any word but all payments have...
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    [Help Thread] 3x3 Cross Help and Discussion

    Take however long the time you need to "see" the solution without actually moving it. Just make the inspection long enough so that you can see a solution 7 moves or less, and keep practicing until you can get that time down to the 15 seconds allowed. It's basically practice and seeing how...
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    Lol the ACE brand stuff I use dries but it makes my cube rough and kinda scratchy. Feels funny. The sides turn individually semi fast but I can't finger trick at all with it. -.-
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    The voila method (easy PLL)

    Don't think of [_F_] as a move or anything. It's an algorithm. He's basically combining 2 easy OLL algs in certain ways to create PLL's. It would make more sense to make [_F_] as like [1], so there's less confusion. Then [2], [3], etc.
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    Black powder

    Yeah it's fine. Just wipe it out with a damp cloth or a dry cloth. Doesn't matter much. It just means you wore down the parts which is good.
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    Progress time-line

    My cube log. o.O 3x3 Times (average, new personal record) September 13- First day of cubing. :D ~2:45 September 14- ~2:00 September 16- 1:16.27, 1:03.34 September 29- 1:02.47, 47.53 October 1- 49.81, 40.88 October 2- 50.92, 33.45 (lucky) October 4- 53.07 October 14- 42.68 October 19- 40.44...
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    I think he means that we've just had this type of thread before.
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    3x3: sub 20 average. =]