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Nov 6, 2007
So my friend ordered it for me 3 weeks ago from Cubelube.com and the payment was accepted but there have been no responses by email other than that. Through countless emails by me and others who have boughten it within the last month atleast, nobody has received any word but all payments have been accepted. Is it a trustable site/seller or not..?


Sep 29, 2007
Apparently not.

I had the same problem with cubelube.com - I ordered product from them on October 31st, the payment was accepted, but I never received the product, nor have I received a response to my emails. I've given up - it's not worth my time or trouble to chase down the $5.95.

The same product is S.C. Johnson Original Shine-Up, which is not available in stores, but can be purchased by the gallon from several janitorial supply websites. If you check the MSDS you'll see that the ingredients are identical. The same ingredients are also used in Pledge furniture wipes, which is readily available in supermarkets, department stores and drug stores, but only comes in pre-moistened towlettes, not in a bottle or jar.

You can also purchase cube lube by the syringe from Puzzle Proz at $2.00 each. Rubiks.com sells it (by the syringe) as well, but you must also purchase stickers or a DIY cube.

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