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    Older cubers discussions

    Looking at the competitions page its a bit surreal seeing mainly Australian comps. A big one this weekend in my home town. No air-con though and its 40C on Sunday.
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    Older cubers discussions

    My first ever PLL skip in a comp this morning. Trouble was that it took me a few seconds to realise it. I couldn't believe what I saw!
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    [OcR] Feliks Zemdegs 9.68 OH average

    We are both glad that competitions have resumed in Australia. There's at least one a month planned for next year so we will be busy!
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    2020 Forum Awards!

    Thanks! I try...
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    What are some common cubing misconceptions?

    One we got from the media alot was that they thought competitions were won by the fastest solve, not the average,
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    [Help Thread] CubeSkills

    No. Ill mention it to him.
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    View of FAZ in the Speedcubing Dokumentary

    I think if you arguing about who is better then you may have missed the main points of the documentary IMHO.
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    Fazrulz - The History of Feliks Zemdegs

    This is pretty good too:
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    The Gan Debate Thread

    For me there's no argument. Gan sponsors Feliks so I use a Valk :)
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    Rubik's Cube Emoji

    Thanks - I have wondered how to get an emoji onto all the popular platforms.
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    To Feliks

    And thanks from his dad...
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    No - that was in New Zealand. Yeh - he's happy about the 4.16. I can only imagine what time he'd...

    No - that was in New Zealand. Yeh - he's happy about the 4.16. I can only imagine what time he'd get if he ever gets a PLL and OLL skip.
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    [Member Intro] Hello from Australia! I’ve never done this before and i am exited

    I'm still trying to get that sub one minute solve!
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    Can we solve a 3x3 each doing only one move?

    U' L B F' U' F2 U2 R2 R' U R U R L' U L2 R' U L' L' U L U L' U'