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    Houston Spring 2011

    We're still trying to iron out the details, but I don't believe Wessley will be able to come. Assuming all goes well, I'll bring along 3 other guys, Glenn, Chris, and Patrick. Glenn and Chris can cube, but I'm still trying to convince them to compete.
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    Houston Spring 2011

    A few friends and I are thinking about driving over from Florida for this.
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    Georgia Competition

    I haven't cubed in a while, perhaps this competition will reinspire me. Hopefully I'll attend.
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    South Texas Open 2010

    Better yet, I'll get a trench coat with a bunch of drawstrings and have pigeons grab hold of the strings and fly me there. That begs the question.... What is the airspeed velocity of a laden pigeon?
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    South Texas Open 2010

    According to Google Maps, Pensacola, FL to Rancho Viejo, TX: 867 mi – about 15 hours 49 mins *sigh* I believe I've met my limit.
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    I got wrong contents in my c4y order (PULLOVERS!)

    It could be worse...
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    If only he could solve cubes....

    I lol'd at the rolling on the treadmill.
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    Ello Motto

    Not to mention the West Florida Speedcubing Club will (hopefully) hold one either this summer or fall. We kinda need to get some members first -.-
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    New Year's Resolutions

    Non-cubing related: Get down to my optimal weight Not drop a class this semester Save up enough to actually buy a decent drum set Cubing related: Sub-16 3x3x3 average learn 2x2x2 CLL Practice edge pairing enough to start getting decent times on big cubes -.-
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    My thoughts on our origins.

    lol, "Nobody can say that he doesn't have balls."
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    Rate the Signature above you.

    So many links...... 7.
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    My thoughts on our origins.

    Read The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. He's a brilliant man.
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    Is my dp inappropriate?

    I lol'd
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    5x5x5 Storebought Cube

    My Rubik's brand 5x5x5 was amazing. It SUCKED when I first bought it, but after it was broken in through repeated solves, it was beautiful. Someone stole it though :'( Sure, Rubik's brand 5x5x5 isn't the best, but that doesn't mean it isn't a good cube.
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    Belleview Open 2009 (unofficial)

    Oh yeah, you're right, I forgot. You'll just have to STAY OUT OF MY STATE. At least until you save a baby from a car wreck... or something like that.