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    Any comps in Canada in he next 10 days?

    Hey guys! I'm in Canada on holiday at the moment. Any chance there are any comps happening somewhere here before the 13th?

    Racing to sub15

    Okay, here are my 12 solves. I'm not sub-20 yet, but I'm too close to sub 20 to join the sub-20 club :P Here are my 12 solves. They were horrible solves :( Statistics for 03-26-2010 09:30:04 Cubes Solved: 12/12 Number of Pops: 0 Average: 20.37 Standard Deviation: 3.02 Best Time: 15.19 Worst...

    Racing to sub15

    Awesome. I'm excited to progress with you guys :) EDIT: Can I make a suggestion? When we do weekly sets - I suggest we do a set of 5 as well as a set of 12. Having both sets will give you a better indication of your status.

    Racing to sub15

    Okay, I can join here. I currently do about 19.xx AO5, and 20.xx AO12. I'm keen on joining you guys :D

    Racing to sub-20

    Wish I could join you guys, but I'm just about there. I just recently did a 20.83 average of 12, so it wouldn't be fair of me to join :(

    Rename "Speedcubing Discussion" "Speedsolving Discussion"?

    I oppose. There's really no point. It's the same thing.

    Weekly competition 2010-11

    Aah I see. I didn't know that th results were automatically posted. Thanks for that :)

    Weekly competition 2010-11

    Any particular reason that my 3x3 entry wasn't included?

    Weekly competition 2010-12

    3x3: (15.78), 18.96, 20.41, 20.18, (22.91) = 19.85 What a ridiculous set :(
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Just did my first average of 12 since I started getting loads of sub-20 averages of 5. Not sub-20, but fairly close: Statistics for 03-20-2010 01:16:24 Cubes Solved: 12/12 Number of Pops: 0 Average: 20.89 Standard Deviation: 1.66 Best Time: 18.82 Worst Time: 24.85 Individual Times: 1. 18.87 L...
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    Weekly competition 2010-11

    Shessh, terribly inconsistent, but still my first sub-20 comp entry :D Ettienne Venter 3x3x3 - 17.94, 20.27, (17.11), 21.31, (24.8) = 19.84
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    OLLs and PLLs: Do you know them?

    Dude.... 14 second avg of 5 with 2-look OLL... Man I want that :P
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    Popbuying website hosting problem.....

    The site's working perfectly for me.
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    cube4you official fan club on facebook

    Yeah. Good on your for making the effort, but what's the point, really?
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    What to get From Popbuying?

    I honestly wouldn't buy the Floppy Cube or 3x3x4. Well, technically, I would (because I already have), but had I known before I had bought them how they are, I wouldn't have. The 1x3x3 is flat-out boring. The 3x3x4 is basically like solving two 3x3x2 puzzles, so that's pointless if you're buying...