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    One-Answer WCA Competition and Regulations Question Thread

    Question: At my last competition somebody told me what my unofficial-official average of 100 in competition is. Where do I find that? I couldn't find it on the WCA Statistics page. Thank you Edit: I was told my avg100 was 9.90, so I would expect it to have gone down since this last competition.
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    VERY RARE Original Platypus Puzzle for sale

    I meant the classic style color-stickered ones, not the silly playing card-style ones.
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    VERY RARE Original Platypus Puzzle for sale

    How many of you have tried a Platypus? I am auctioning mine off right now on eBay. This is a very rare puzzle, and it took me a long time to get ahold of one. I not only got a platypus, but I got one of the originals. I do not know of a single place where...
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    [NAR] Collin Burns 5.93 3x3 single

    Lol that average. 5.93 10.72 10.83 23.66 10.04 makes the record seem even more random Great job man
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    Safe/unsafe WRs

    Safe: Magic Master magic Unsafe: All the BLD records broken this weekend
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    [Official] James Hamory - 9.03 3x3 avg

    I own a Wityou. It would take a lot of breaking in to be good. I didn't know there was a version 2.
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    [WR] Sebastian Weyer - 4x4 WRs - 21.97 single & 27.17 average

    !!!!!!!!!! ^^^^^^^ wanna see the magic !!!!!!!!! teach us your hacks Sebastian!
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    [Official] James Hamory - 9.03 3x3 avg

    Actually after my disappointing performance at Nats this year I retired the Witlong. Official switching to the Shengshou Aurora. It worked out! Thanks, man. Congrats on your sub-9 average!
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    [Official] James Hamory - 9.03 3x3 avg

    I never stand during solves actually. I only stand at Nisei Week competitions because the tables are too high when you're sitting in the chairs. I knew this would be the case again so I did an average of 50 standing up the night before the competition. I've found that when I'm standing I am more...
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    [Official] James Hamory - 9.03 3x3 avg

    I got really nervous after getting three 8s in a row so no sub-9 for me :( but this was pretty good and I'm really happy with it!
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    Selling Puzzles @ US Nats 2014

    I'm on staff so it's not like I'll be "setting up shop" anywhere. Private deals only
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    Selling Puzzles @ US Nats 2014

    I will be selling these puzzles at US Nationals 2014 in New Jersey, however, I may not have space to take all of them. That being said, if you are interested in buying one or more of these puzzles please send me a personal message here or on youtube and I will make sure to take the ones you want...
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    Solve/Cuber of the Year

    Telésforo 4.41 worst fake solve?
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    Antelope Valley Fall 2013

    Good Luck! Hard cutoff is 10 minutes. Good luck to you too!
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    Official 4BLD 2:50.22

    Great job! Keep it up!