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    Homeschool Cubers Thread

    If I can actually start solving regularly again. that would be great...
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    Homeschool Cubers Thread

    Forgot about this site again, sup y'all. Three months from graduation, woot woot!
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    What do you think of the signature above you?

    7. I like the awkward silence with someone who isn't even talking to me. Lol
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    Belief in evolution?

    Hey y'all! This is my first foray into the true depth of the off topic section. It's cool that we at least aren't insulting each other, hope we can keep that up. Christian here, passionate scientist, creationist. Someone fill in the hole for me about how micro evolution and macro evolution...
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    Competition QR code Registration (help/idea)

    What do you mean? I'm getting confused with the pronouns here. Scanning QRs can be done by just about everything, and I haven't done the research but generating them probably isn't hard either, my math textbook uses them for links to video examples on every other page.
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    The Incredible Pencil Mania

    I wanted to go, but PA is a ways away from me and high school is kicking my butt atm. I'll have to see. When I go to college I'm more likely to be close to comps.
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    numb fingers make for poor averages

    numb fingers make for poor averages
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    Race to sub-X on a 3x3 -- 25+

    Round 31 Cube: MoYu AoLong V2 Goal: 60.00 Average: 66.95 Times: 1. 70.64 2. 77.06 3. 59.03 4. 69.35 5. 74.34 6. 75.23 7. 65.04 8. 58.50 9. 63.46 10. 68.81 11. 56.16 12. 65.13 Considering this is my first average in a while and my fingers are so cold they're numb, pretty good. lol
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    Homeschool Cubers Thread

    I like black cubes, I live in Maryland, and I do use slightly modified 3x3 algs on 2x2 (or at least based my memo off of the knowledge of those algs). Is it hilarious that I learned COLL for 2x2 while waiting for my heat in that event at a comp?
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    The reason why I do not like this shirt...

    Been noticing that shirt since I was a new cuber. One of my cubing buddies has it, we laugh about it every time.
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    Race to sub-X on a 3x3 -- 25+

    Agh, forgot about this whole website... :P
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    Homeschool Cubers Thread

    I don't use Roux, but I was thinking of trying it. I promised myself no cubes until I graduate in June. :P So no Black Friday cubes for me. But I'm hoping to get a Gans when I do get myself cubes again. Maybe a megaminx. Anybody hit a cubing milestone recently? In October I did my first sub-60...
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    Homeschool Cubers Thread

    Welp I'm likely to be the only black home school girl there, so if you find me and ask "Are you Crystalline?" Or something like that I'll say yes (unless it's not me lol).
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    Homeschool Cubers Thread

    Did we ever figure out how many of us were going to Maryland?
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    Race to sub-X on a 3x3 -- 25+

    Nah, I say that to differentiate between what I do and full CFOP. Not the best way to do it, I admit. :P

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