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    Race to be sub-x Square-1!

    Goal : sub 15 13.77 14.28 14.92 (17.01) (12.80) Average : 14.23 These times are rly great ! Super happy with that
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    Multiblindfold Discussion (PBs, Successes, Fails)

    I want to get into MBLD, but I'd rather have all the same cubes. Should I get something like the little magic, the meilong or is anything better ? What would you recommend ?
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    So I just got a 8:04.06 4BLD PB !! Memo was around 4 minutes, and everything went super fluid, so I'm really happy with that single ! Guess I'm getting ready for my next comp in october ;)
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    Budget Square-1 comparison

    Just take the ylm, it's 10 bucks and it iis awesome
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    Race to be sub-x Square-1!

    Goal : Sub 15 ao5 : 16.38 (13.97) (17.49) 15.31 16.81 17.02
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    Frequently Asked Questions About WCA Competitions

    Hey everyone ! I'd like to organize a comp, and I'm currently 15 yo. I was just wondering if there is an age limit, or a minimum age you need to have to organize a comp ?
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    G4 timer and cstimer problem

    And how could I fix that ?
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    G4 timer and cstimer problem

    Hello, So I have a problem with my stackmat on cstimer. I have a cable, plug in into my computer, but sometimes it doesn't work. Sometimes it will stop at 0.004, 0.08 ... And it is super annoying, because it can do that like 6 times in a row. Also, the numbers on my computer screen don't...
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    Selling a lot of cubes !! (Europe)

    Hello everyone ! I have too many cubes, so I decided to sell some of them. I live in France and I will ship to Europe, but you'll have to pay for the shipping. If you live outside of Europe, I can still ship cubes, but it'll be super expensive. I accept only Paypal. 2x2 : - YG MGC 2x2 (...
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    Making a black squan

    Hello everyone ! I was thinking about making a stickerless volt, but I still have some struggle to separate the edge pieces, they look like they will break when I try it. Does any of you have a tutorial or an overall way to do it ? Specs : I have a black volt, where I removed the stickers of...
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    Cubes for French Championships

    Hello guys ! I just want to get rid of some cubes I don't use any more. If you live in France and you go to the French Championships, you can pay cash. - Wushuang M (stickerless) - Angstrom Wuque M (stickerless) - Pro shop Wuque (stickerless) -Gan 356 X (stickerless) - MF3RS2M (stickerless) -...
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    Splits for sub 10 (CFOP)

    Hey guys ! I've been practicing a sh*t on of 3x3 recently (almost 500 solves per day), but I still get times average or higher than average. Just to clarify, I know full OLL and PLL; some COLLs and WV and I average about 12-high 11. I just wanted to know the ideal splits for being sub 10...
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    Weekly Competition 2019-09

    2x2 : 3.17, (3.09), (5.42), 4.71, 4.59 = 4.16 3x3 : 11.80, 13.13, (11.11), 12.25, (13.31) = 12.39 4x4 : 41.50, 42.15, 43.09, (37.22), (43.94) = 12.25 5x5 : 1:32.14, 1:39.33, (1:40.13), (1:28.97), 1:38.91 = 1:36.79 6x6 : 3:20.51, (3:26.99), 3:07.97, 3:11.85, (3:06.79) = 3:13.44 3x3 OH : (26.73)...
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    [Help Thread] Blindfolded discussion and help

    Speaking of that, is there a list of algs for center comms ?
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    Finally got a 4BLD sucess after 16 tries ! And it was sub 10 ! (9:48.xx) Now I'm ready for French championships in april :)