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Selling many cubes (Europe)

Clément B.

Apr 6, 2018
Hello everyone,

I'm looking to sell some cubes, as many of them are old mains, so I don't use them anymore.
For payment, PayPal is required.

I live in France, so shipping in Europe will be easier, faster and cheaper, however shipping in the US is still possible.

Here's a list of the cubes :

- YJ MGC 2x2 (stickerless)
- Valk 3 (ootb, 10 solves, black)
- MF3RS 3 M (black)
- GTS 2 M (black)
- Valk 3 M (stickerless)
- Valk Elite M (stickerless, all accesories)
- Angstrom GTS 3 M
- Wuque M (stickerless)
- Aosu GTS 2 M (stickerless)
- Wushuang M (stickerless)
- Aochuang GTS M (stickerless)
- Shadow M (still in the box, not opened, stickerless)
- Aoshi GTS M (stickerless)
- Galaxy V2 M (stickerless, x2)
- YLM squan (stickerless, moded)
- Bell pyra (black)

Non WCA :

- Redi cube (stickerless)
- Pandora Cube (black)
- Yuxin Treasure Cube (black)
- MFJS keychain cube (stuickerless)

If you're interested, just PM me or send me an email at [email protected].
You can send me offers, as I want to get rid of them, so they'll be cheaper than normal prices.

Thats it !
Have a nice day !