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    I need help with a project!

    Yes I will as soon as I have a digital version! Also not to get political but nice profile pic.
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    I need help with a project!

    Hey I have tried to get this idea out there about a year ago but to no avail. I think it would be very cool for a cubing store to sell cubing trading cards in the style of sports cards. I have made very early prototypes (basically just some very basic prototypes not even close to my final...
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    Accomplishment Thread

    so I just got the mgc 5x5 and have been getting SUPER into 5x5 and I know its slow but I got a 3:25 today and am going to go for sub 3 now!
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    I started a cubing podcast! Let me know what you think

    So I started a cubing podcast on spotify and I just wanted to hear what people think. I know the audio is bad at the begining of the episode but it gets much better. I am working on fixing that by investing in a better mic. Just let me know what you think here is the link...
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    Moyustore-the Best Moyu Speed Cube Shop

    I emailed the [email protected] email is that the correct one?
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    Moyustore-the Best Moyu Speed Cube Shop

    I think I would be great for this position for me as I have a very good knowledge on degizine and have taken many degdizine courses and I also am not currently sponsored. I am also very good at writing as I have personally written many papers for classes and have taken many grammer courses. I...
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    Thoughts on Going to Competitions Starting June 5th?

    I think it would be just fine because our states ahve been shut down for so ling that noone has been anywhere therefor they can not spread a virus they dont have and if you dont feel safe going then dont go if you do feel safe or dont care go
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    Upcoming puzzles

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    I want to purchase a angstrom polomer coated gts2m for my collection

    Hi I was wondering if anyone had an angstrom polomer coated gts2m they are willing to sell for not o steep of a price im not to serious about buying one just if anybody wants to offer a price on one.
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    Upcoming puzzles

    im not sure this is the thread for this but I got the tengyun v2m and I juust dont like it as much as the v1 does anyone that has it recomend a piticular setting cuz right now it just feels way to snappy.
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    Dayan Tengyun V2M GIVEAWAY! Insta & YT: AlohaCubed AlohaCubed

    lol pretty much my whole life depends on how to get the next cube
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    [Help Thread] Where To Buy Cubes Thread

    cubicle cubicle CUBICLE
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    Anyone Willing to help with a video?

    lol I would help but dont have it and im bad at 7x7
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    Giving away a YJ YuLong V2 M to keep spirits up!

    yeah its hard i hope it does not last too my birthday with my friends got cancelled Oof
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    Giving away a YJ YuLong V2 M to keep spirits up!

    Well thank you for teying to keep everyone happy somthing good that happend to me this week is being able to se my friend for the first time in a while because of the quarinteen and we cubed togther