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    What is your "Signature Move"?

    I do M's and M2s with my left hand. I also do a lefty A perm (r U' L D2 L' U L D2 L2).
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    [NAR] Tim Wong 23/25 56:53 MBLD (3rd in the World)

    A(wesome)J Tim! This was a fun distraction while I did my Multi! Congrats!
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    CCFC Fall 2013 (Norwalk, CT)

    Great job today Noah. One of the most well-run comps I've been to. Thanks for hosting it and I hope there is another one soon!
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    CCFC Fall 2013 (Norwalk, CT)

    Goals: 3x3: Sub-14 average, sub-11 single, finals. 2x2- Sub 4.5 4x4: Sub 1:20 3BLD: Sub-1 4x4: Success, podium (That's right, Tim, Noah and Brandon, I'm coming for you!)
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    Remove Rubik's Cube as an Official Event

    When I read the title of the thread that's what I figured it would be about.
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    Feliks Zemdegs 5x5x5 single WR: 44.44 [Surprise Challenge]

    5.71. I average around mid-high 4, using Ortega and some CLL
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    Harvard Fall 2013 - October 5, 2013

    So pumped. First competitions where I'm competing in everything.
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    Which axis do you use for big cube edge pairing?

    For the first 3 cross edges in Yau I pair on the M slice, I pair the rest on the E slice.
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    Team USA Jackets! (Read the first post)

    I'll get one. Size: L Last Name: Boyd
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    Accomplishment Thread

    PB Average of 100, 50 and 12! avg of 12 12.69 (σ=1.31) avg of 50 13.42 (σ=1.32) avg of 100 13.85 (σ=1.36)
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    Accomplishment Thread

    3x3 PB Single by a ton! 7.71 F U' B' F' U' D B' L U2 D F2 R2 L2 F2 R' U' L2 B' L2 U D F2 D2 F L I can't reconstruct it but the LL was fat anti-sune into PLL skip. I also got an 11.55 average of 5 PB today.
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    CCFC Fall 2013 (Norwalk, CT)

    I will definitely be there. I have a shot at 2 podiums!
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    Favorite Cuber?

    Zane, Marcin, Maskow, Marcell, Noah. Basically any ridiculous BLDer.