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How long did it take you to get Sub-X at 3x3 BLD

Discussion in 'Blindsolving Discussion' started by faisaleo, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. faisaleo

    faisaleo Member

    Dec 28, 2016
    I am super slow at 3x3 bld, although, once out of every 5 times or so, I don't get a DNF. I would like to compare myself to others so I can see if I am as bad as I think. I have never timed myself at BLD. My timer is coming!
  2. these are rough estimates
    sub 10:00 a few days (after my first success)
    sub 5:00 1 week
    sub 3:00 1 month
    sub 2:00 1 month
    sub 1:30 1 month
    sub 1:00 3 months
    sub 50 2 month
    sub 40 1 month
    sub 30 2 months
    sub 28 1 month
  3. guysensei1

    guysensei1 Member

    Nov 24, 2013
    Singing pores
    That is quite a fast improvement... O_O
  4. I believe it took me 30 or so attempts to get a success, and I improved drastically from there.
    Feb 2016 - first success, 11:59.78
    3 months after I averaged 5:00ish
    2 months later, global 3:00
    got sub2 global 4 months later
    2 months later (now) I average sub1:30, and improving very quickly
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  5. Cale S

    Cale S Member

    Jan 18, 2014
    Iowa, USA
    I read the ending first and thought you were sub-28 within a month
  6. mark49152

    mark49152 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Oct 29, 2012
    Everyone's different. Don't worry about how fast others improved. Just keep practising and timing yourself regularly, and record your results so you can track your own improvement.
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  7. faisaleo

    faisaleo Member

    Dec 28, 2016
    Thank you all! Now I know that I am doing well. I will continue practising. Just an interesting fact, My right hand got a sprain, so I can't cube with my right hand for a few days, so I started OH and my BLD solves are also OH. I am typing this message using only my left hand and my middle finger from my right hand... LOL

    Thanks again!
  8. faisaleo

    faisaleo Member

    Dec 28, 2016
    I just switched to 3-style! My latest solve was a DNF simply because I forgot to flip an edge :) The one before that one was good though.
    I had my first 4BLD success. It only happened because I checked my memo like 5 times and hammered it into my head for at least half an hour. I tried again, but I also tried to cut down my memo time (I am stupid to execute my corners last). I totally failed, and I completely forgot my corners! I will certainly try again.
  9. faisaleo

    faisaleo Member

    Dec 28, 2016
    I rushed my memo and my execution and got a 3:50 DNF with 2 twisted corners because I did the wrong commutator. Then I tried again and got 4:20 success. LOL I am getting better yay
  10. Nam Dank the Tank

    Nam Dank the Tank Member

    Nov 12, 2016
    Do u know full 3style at that speed and level? New to 4bld and 4 mins full 3style is crazy
  11. oneshot

    oneshot Member

    Dec 7, 2008
    Down the rabbit hole...
    Well, no one that's been doing it as long as I have is as slow as me, if that makes you feel better...
  12. So well, this is my BLD progress during the last few years. From many minutes to low 23!!!!! (May 2018)

    Sub5, late 2013? mid 2012? late 2011? I've no idea. Let's assume 2013:
    I learnt BLD and I didn't really practice it. So I averaged like many minutes. I don't even remember when I learnt BLD! I think it was back in 2014. So well, I averaged like 5 minutes. I did one solve now and then. I used a weird Orientate/Permutate method that I pretty much made up myself, using sune combos, (JNT) permutations, and edge orientation algs to solve the cube, as well as visual memo for corners entirely. I call this method G2 Method for 3BLD (G2 is my nick); I used it until last year (partly, read on to figure out why.)

    Sub4 mid 2014?:
    From mid to late 2014, I was avging from 4 minutes to 2 mins 30 seconds. I finished 3rd at a comp in 2014 (Torneo de Invierno 2014, June 28th 2014) with a single of 3:32.96. Still didn't practice 3BLD. I would still use my weird method.

    Sub3 mid/late 2015?:
    I suddenly became sub3. I would always do 2 minutes and something times, without effort. I think this was when I switched from my weird method to a M2/G2 hybrid. I would do corners with my weird method and edges with M2.
    I got 2nd with a 2:20.75 single in La Plata 2015 competition held in November 14/15, 2015.

    Sub2 early/mid 2016?:
    I magically become sub2 without even trying or practicing, just a couple of solves now and then as it always was! I arrived 2nd at La Plata Open 2016 with a 1:43.96 single, held in June 18/19, 2016. When I finished memorizing I thought: "that's all? that's it??? oh sheet". It appeared to be super easy. And it was. XD

    Near Sub1 December 2016:
    This is the only barrier I am SURE about when it was. Or, I should say, from now on. I decided that I was going to start practicing 3BLD seriously, as well as other BLD events such as 4BLD, 5BLD, MultiBLD. I even did some PyraBLDs and SkewbBLDs XD. I learnt commutators for corners, stopped using my ugly G2 method, and that brought my times down drastically. I practiced A HUGE LOT and brought my memo down to about 25 seconds, and my execution to 40. I got many sub1 times but my avg was not sub1 still. That's how I finished last year in terms of BLDsolving. And I also learnt advanced M2, which is super easy and helped me a lot!

    Sub55, march 2017:
    I have been practicing diligently since December 2016, and I have managed to get my memo sub20 consistently, and my execution to 35 seconds in average. I am currently trying to learn comms for every corner letter pair and for edges, and I will switch to UF buffer after the DST Torneo de Verano in February 18/19, 2017.

    Sub50, (formerly) good days only:
    This barrier is broken only on my good days. I average sub50 and I can't do anything about that XD But it goes away the next day mostly. So it's like a barrier that I already broke but which "unbreaks" itself. Whatthefock

    Sub40: ?
    EDIT: I just did this and I only have to say WTFFF (16/FEB/17)
    EDIT: I broke the oldest standing NR which was 3BLD lol, also I am the first person to have or have had 3BLD NR apart from Tomás Mansilla (at this time mo3 holder) xD (27/MAR/17)

    EDIT June 2017:
    Sub40 barrier totally surpassen, I just did a couple thousand solves... (?!?!)
    It actually came along with the sub40 barrier, wtf, like, I just did more and more solves and my times would get faster and faster. Memo is at like sub11 now, and execution still at 21/23. I definitely need to learn to turn the cube well. My fingertricks suck. Also, I won a Valk3 at Latin America Tour Montevideo who was kindly donated by either Feliks, Jayden, or Antoine (they did that with many cubes so I can't be sure who, thanks to the three of them!), so now my execution has got like 1 or 1.sth seconds faster. I used a guoguan before which is awesome and I love it but still I think the Valk will give me better results, as it has done so far (one week of testing it xdxd)

    My current avg June 22nd 2017 is at about 33/34 seconds, like, I do mo100s sub35 all the time, and get manymanymanymany sub32 solves in each. My PB single is at 23.09, my PB DNF is 21.something :'(, mo3 is 28.84, ao5 is 29.93, ao12 is 37.03 (only got 2 ao12s so far haha), and my % of success is about 45/55% (mostly sup50).

    I improved my official single to 31.83 (63rd in the world for some minutes until Antoine did his 28, which brought me to 64th XD), and got a 33 on the final round which made me win Latin America Cubing Tour Montevideo at 3BLD, first time I ever won 3BLD! :D
    So yeah, hopefully I'll get sub30 if I keep practicing! EDIT: done lol

    August 2017
    Ok, it seems that I'm almost sub30... I just need to change a few slow comms and it seems that that will make it! I got a 30.27 mean of 100 (until my 90th solve it was 29.9!!!) and also a 28.27 #44WR #5SaR #1NR official solve :)

    Are we there yet?!?!: October 2017
    Got my PBs down to:
    Session of 100 (74/100) 29.78
    single: 20.96 (coming back from a comp in which I triple DNFed :D)
    mo3: 25.50
    ao5: 25.75
    ao12: 29.18
    memo of session of 100: 9.45
    exec of session of 100: 20.21 (boooo n00b)

    Aaand more sub30??:
    November 2017
    Ok, I got a single PB of 19.82 and a failed PB of 19.34+2=21.34...
    Also, a mo3 which was 24.45
    And my session of 80 solves says 27.999...
    Did I skip sub30 to get right to sub29?
    I've been using more S comms, and it seems that my executions are close to sub20.
    My memos are already probably sub9 on average lel

    Ummm... sub28???!?!: Still November 2017
    Seems that practicing 5BLD and loosening my Valk somehow got me way better at 3BLD... I got a PB mo100 at 27.67 (58/100), also some random mo50 (30/50) at 26.999..... And did these things:
    Several random 20s and 21s
    Mo3 22.96
    Ao5 24.90
    How the heck, my previous PBs not long ago were 25.5 mo3 and 25.7 superlucky ao5... whaaaaat, these solves weren't even super lucky...

    I'm shocked

    Low 27 globally! December 2017:
    PBs are now:
    Single 19.82
    Mo3 22.96
    Ao5: 23.37!!

    I've gotten plenty of sub28 mo100s (my most recent mo100s were all sub28); the best one was 27.08 (52/100).

    My memo is like low 8 globally, and my execution is mid-high 18 (should really work on it!)
    Got a 25.12 at comp, as well as a super bad mean of 3 (53,32,37 = 41.12),
    and failed a 5BLD in 7:57, which would've been SaR!!!!!

    Sub27 and sub26 at the same time?!
    January 2018:
    Ok.... tf just happened
    Learning Ishaan's comms...
    I got PB mo100s twice, 26.9 then 26.6!
    It would seem that sub27 has happened
    Now, my session is at 50 solves, and the mean of the successes shown is 25.9...!!
    Hopefully I'll pass the sub26 barrier this month :)

    Getting sub24 solves is totally common at this point, happening a couple of times every day (today I got like 2 21s and 4 22s in about 50 solves?!), also sub26 means happen often. I've gotten several sub24 ones too! The problem is I don't get many successful mo3s... ;/

    PBs beaten since previous barrier:
    Single 18.22
    Mo100 of exec: 17.7
    Mo100: 26.63
    Global accuracy: over 50% by a small bit.

    Low25 then back to 26, still Jan 2018
    Small update, I've been changing almost every single comm I used, so my times got a bit slower. Also, I'm working on accuracy, which was lately sub50% :(

    PBs beaten:
    mo100: 25.5
    mo100 memo: 8.28
    mo100 execution: 17.09

    At this point I've already done 7 sub20s! PB single still 18.22

    Sub25 ;D February 2018:
    I did a forced 2-week break (originally 10 days, but I had some complications) in which I only did square1 and some 5 or 10 bld solves on my best days (too noisy to focus, whatever). I basically went from doing a mo100 in a day or two to doing only a couple of attempts, mostly DNFs.
    My best time during that break was a 18.xx, and my 2nd best also an 18.xx. I also got a 23.x mean. But the rest was pure trash.

    When the break ended I decided to do a mo100 and see how much worse I had gotten... to my surprise, I beat my old PB by over 1 second!!!!

    Now my PB mo100 is at 24.37 with low8/low16 splits. Pretty crazy!

    I think I'm pretty confident with saying the 25 barrier is done ;D

    Is that a sub24??? March 2018:
    I just did a 24.09 mean of 100 in which I failed on approximately 6 or 7 solves which were +26... because of pauses during recall. Without them the mean was easily sub24 (about 23.8 I'd say)... what???

    I think these are the first traces of the sub24 barrier approaching!!!!
    PBs now:
    single 17.80
    mo3 22.11
    ao5 22.67
    mo100 24.09

    I've been working a lot on cycle breaking into misoriented pieces, as well as floating more and more quickly, and also forcing better parities. I'm learning some UF comms sometimes too.

    Sub24 :0 is that real??? March 2018:
    Just got a 23.85 mean of 100 at 47% accuracy!!! Memo splits were 7.99 on average, which is so super awesome. I need to work on some comms that I do regripping, still, but this is already so super awesome!!!!

    I've done about +50 sub20s by now (rough estimate), and my PBs are
    17.80 single
    22.11 mo3
    22.67 ao5
    26.71 ao12 lol, I did this when my global was barely sub26 XD
    23.85 mo100!!! :D

    Low24 - high23 April 2018:
    Just a PBs update:
    Single 17.72
    Mo3 21.06
    Ao5 21.90
    Ao12 25.60
    Mo100 23.62
    PB splits in a mo100 (independent): 7.78/15.57

    My global is around 23.8/24.1, so yeah that's pretty awesome :D
    Right now I'm learning some UF comms as well as nicer DF/UBl comms.
    Memo global is pretty sub8, can't complain about that
    Exec global is around 16, should be better but I'm working on it.

    Low 23 or am I hallucinating??? May 2018:
    PB update:
    Single 17.34
    Mo3 19.50!!!!
    Ao5 20.66 :0
    Ao12 25.62 -> clearly shows how seldom I get ao12s
    Mo100 23.10 wut
    Global splits 7.8/15.7???
    PB splits (independent): 7.66/15.43

    IDK what to think of this, but I've been doing sub20s pretty often and sub24 means aren't a surprise anymore o_O I find that pretty unbelievable still
    My last session was all sub23 until the very last 15 solves in which I got it up to 23.1 (beating my former PB by half a second though!!!)

    So yeah IDK what the HECK is GOING ON

    Mid23, quick update about what's going on: August 2018:
    Okay...! So I switched buffers! Now I main FU/UBL for 3BLD, still DFr for wings.
    My PBs:
    Single/mo3/ao5/mo100/memo mo100/exec mo100
    My accuracy rate is still at around 45%
    Bought a GTS1 so it took me a while to get used to it, and used to the new buffer
    Now I'm at global mid23 again
    Global splits around 7.7/15.8, it can get to sub15 or low15 though but I usually mess it up so many times that the avg gets a little bit higher. Memo is consistently sub8 though and I very often get sub7s and usually sub6s too.
    Pretty much stuck here but I'm not learning any new stuff so I can't complain!

    I'm doing floating comms whenever I can and I'm trying to go a little bit wilder on my solves, trying weird stuff!

    Also, I got an official 24.89 mo3 which places me 14th in the world and 2nd in South America. hehe!

    And I got 4BLD SAR too :p that's quite cool

    Some mo100s I've been doing:
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2018 at 1:16 AM
  13. faisaleo

    faisaleo Member

    Dec 28, 2016
    Well, Before I used M2/OP. M2 really helped me to learn 3-style. I always think a commutator in terms of the following: Among the 3 pieces, I choose one of them to be my "start" piece. The piece that it goes to is the "interchange" piece. The third is the "end" piece. Then I execute ABA'B' in the way that A sends "start" to "interchange", and B sends "end" to "interchange". The alternative way that I think is like M2; One of the pieces targets another, and I can set up the third piece to the target location. If the first pieces goes to the target, I do that thing first, otherwise I do the setup thing first. Both of these ways of thinking are fairly easy for me. Oh, and BTW, 4BLD helped me to learn 3-style. My memo is still very slow (2 minutes). However, I am learning letter pairs. Literally. I already have memorized words for all of [A-D][A-Z]. I hope that this will help. Does anyone else do this, learning words for all of the 576 letter pairs?
  14. faisaleo

    faisaleo Member

    Dec 28, 2016
    The thing about sub50 reminds me of my open-eyed 3x3 sub20. I finally can state that I average sub18.5-19, so I am definitely sub20. I'd say, someone has not passed a barrier unless they can do a ao12 anytime and it is passed the barrier. What do you think?

    Another question: How did your memo get fast? what memo method did you use and what did you do to make it fast?
  15. I'd say, someone has not passed a barrier unless they can do a ao12 anytime and it is passed the barrier. What do you think?:

    That makes sense. That's why I said "good days only" ;D Hopefully I'll be able to do sub50s avgs with ease some day soon!

    Another question: How did your memo get fast? what memo method did you use and what did you do to make it fast?:

    Previously I memorized corners visually (orientation and permutation) using tapping or weird images, like, I traced imaginary lines on the cubies' routes and I memorized that as visual weird stuff. If it made a V then it went to the opposite-most corner, and it went up vertically I would memo "V goes to the opposite part of the world, and takes an elevator"... sort of XD

    (scramble like this to see what I mean: D L' B' L F2 L' B L F2 D' R' F R' B2 R F' R' B2 R2)

    UBL > UFR > UBR > DFL > ULF, the first 3 make a "V" (actually more like a \|), then it goes to the opposite corner, and it goes straight up.

    It was super weird, but I used this method for a long time XD

    I don't know how long it took me to memorize like that. I never timed my memos back then.

    I started using letters when I switched to comms in December 2016 (or when I started switching to comms), and practicing that got my memo times down really quickly.
    I got to 25 seconds with ease, then I tried to review less and less and I memo in 18 seconds consistently with no problem right now.

    What I suggest that you do, is practice being able to see a single piece sticker and already know which letter it is, and where it is located on the cube. You can take your cube apart and practice that grabbing random pieces.
    I never practiced like that, but I should have done it xD It's useful stuff

    Also, I might say that I memo corners first, store them in "medium-long term memory", then memo the edges really quick and execute them fast. Most people do it the other way round, but I found it faster this way. It's also harder.
    If you do MultiBLD, this is like memorizing the first cubes in long term, and the final cube really fast, as a normal 3BLD. Quite like so.

    I hope I've answered your questions! :)
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  16. Prana

    Prana Member

    Aug 8, 2017
    Early July 2017 I had my first success with 20 min memo and 6:30 execution. Early August 2017 I am sub 10. Right now (Mid August 2017) my PB is 1:45 with an average of 2:30
  17. Killernerd24

    Killernerd24 Member

    Feb 21, 2012
    What method are you using?
  18. T1_M0

    T1_M0 Member

    Feb 13, 2017
    Approximate amount of solves and days to get a sub-x single. All are compared to the starting point, not the previous one.

    success - 1 solve - 1 day (did this first attempt 28th January)
    sub-10 - 8 solves - 20 days
    sub-5 - 35 solves - 50 days
    sub-3 - 65 solves - 70 days
    sub-2 - 160 solves - 85 days
    sub-1:30 - 330 solves - 115 days
    sub-1 - 580 solves - 140 days

    Currently I'm at 990 solves and it's 7 months (~210 days) since my first success. My pb single is 53 seconds and average around 1:05.
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  19. Prana

    Prana Member

    Aug 8, 2017
    For the first 2 weeks I use OP/OP. Now I am using M2/OP. I plan to start using 3 style method after i can consistently be sub 2
  20. Killernerd24

    Killernerd24 Member

    Feb 21, 2012
    I would suggest going to 3style corners + M2 for a while before full 3style
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