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A very popular category of Rubik's cube software is the playable 3D Rubik's Cube (animated cube), often implemented as a Java applet, which has a long history. The first version of which many current programs are derived was made by Michael Shubart. After that, Karl Hornell made modifications in his version, which again was used by Lars Petrus on his website. Probably the most widely used is RubikPlayer by Werner Randelshofer.

Standalone Timers


Cube Simulators

  • Ultimate Magic Cube - (Windows). Megaminx, pyraminx and much more
  • Gabbasoft - (Windows) A collection of NxNxN puzzles 2-20, and with supercubes
  • GlidingCube - (Windows) A virtual cube puzzle. Intriguing but cannot be built physically.
  • IsoCubeSim - (Java) A cube puzzle simulator which supports not only NxNxN puzzles (of any size), but arbitrary cuboids as well.
  • 4D Cube - (Java)
  • 5D Cube - (Windows)
  • RubikSim - (Windows)
  • QBASIC Rubik's Cube - (DOS/Windows) At 26,375 bytes (25.7 KB), a relatively large Rubik's cube program.
  • Hungarian HexaHedron - (Windows) It is amazing for FMC. Records your solution as you go.
  • Rubix - (Windows) simulator for cube sizes from 2x2x2 to 50x50x50. Supports custom face images



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