World Rubik's Cube Championship 2015

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World Rubik's Cube
Championship 2015
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Date(s): 2015 July 17–19
Preceded by: WC2013
Succeeded by: WC2017

World Rubik's Cube Championship 2015 (usually called World Championship 2015, abbreviated to WC2015) was a speedcubing World Championship held at Colégio Etapa, a school in the centre of São Paulo, Brazil, on July 17-19, 2015.


The tournament took place at the Colégio Etapa, a school in the Vila Mariana district of São Paulo. It was the 8th World Championship, and the first in South America. A total of 428 competitors were registered for the tournament, of which 243 were from Brazil.[1] One event - the Skewb - had been added to the competition since WC2013.

The competition began on Friday morning with the first round of the 6x6 on the main stage. Friday saw the finals of the 3x3 With Feet, 4x4 Blindfolded, and Clock. Saturday began with round 1 of the 3x3 One-Handed, and the day saw the final rounds of the 3x3 Multiple Blindfolded, 6x6, 7x7, Megaminx, and 3x3 Fewest Moves. Sunday kicked-off with round 2 of the 5x5 on the main stage, and the Skewb final on the side stage. Final rounds of all the remaining events took place, culminating with the final round of the 3x3 between 4:15 and 5:00 pm.[2]

The winner of the 3x3 Speedsolve apparently won just $960, making it the lowest prize money in the modern history of the tournament. The winner of the 3x3 event did however receive a "Homage to Mr Rubik" 3-layer Art Egg, from Smart Egg. The winners of the other events won prize money ranging from $100-$430.[3]


Feliks Zemdegs won the 3×3 final with an average time of 7.56 seconds. Mats Valk finished second and Jakub Kipa finished third. Feliks also performed the fastest Single Solve of the competition: 5.60 seconds.

World Records Set

  • 6x6 average of 1:46.41 by Kevin Hays (First Round)
  • 6x6 average of 1:45.98 by Kevin Hays (Final)
  • 7x7 single of 2:23.55 by Feliks Zemdegs (First Round)
  • 7x7 average of 2:33.73 by Feliks Zemdegs (First Round)
  • Skewb single of 1.68 by Jan Bentlage (First Round)

Unofficial events

Smart Egg competition

The "Blue Dragon Egg" was a mechanical puzzle given to everyone at the competition. People could sign-up for a speedsolve contest, and compete in a qualification round over the three days. Twelve competitors achieving the best times in speedsolving the Egg qualified for the final. This final round took place before the 3x3 final on Sunday. The winner won a Washington Art Egg - a puzzle that in 2012 won the Grand Prix Award at the World Puzzle Championship in Washington.[4] The Smart Egg Champion was: Iuri Grangeiro Carvalho (Brazil) with a time of 2.58 seconds.

Rubik's Speedcube Supersolve

This unoffical contest was organized and sponsored by Rubik's Brand Ltd. It took place on Sunday, and competitors had to use the Rubik's brand Speedcube. A scramble sequence had been made public on Friday, and contestants could practice their solution beforehand. Three rounds took place, and the final round with twelve finalists took place after the 3x3 Finals on the Side Stage at 5:15pm. The prize was a medal and a "Rubik's Swag Bag".[5] The winner was Antoine Cantin with best times of 3.59, 3.30 and 3.70 seconds in each round. He simply performed a pure inverse scramble.[6]



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