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Founded: 2005
Location: GuangZhou, China
Years Active: 2006 to present
Areas served: International
Website: [1]
Products: Cubes, Cuboids, etc.

WitEden (智力乐园, ZhiLi LeYuan, literally "Intellectual paradise") is a puzzles manufacturer and wholesaler based in GuangZhou (Canton) China. Between 2007 and 2011 the company was known for the Type C (GuoBing) 3x3x3 cube.


WitEden's Magic Shop was established in 2005 selling puzzles, tricks, sudoku etc. Around 2006 he developed the GuoBing (Type C) speedcube which was a popular speedcube for a few years. He has been posting about his designs on the MF8 Chinese speedsolving forum since 2008.[2] His online store also sold other cubes such as DaYan. (About Us)

Since 2010 the company has specialised in producing more unusual designs such as Crazy cubes, Super cubes, cuboids etc.


  • "Type C" (GuoBing) cubes:
    • 2x2 "WitTwo"(v1/v2/v3)
    • 3x3 "WitYou"
    • 4x4 "WitFour"
  • Cuboids:
    • WitEden 2x2x4
    • WitEden 2x2x5
    • WitEden 2x2x6
    • WitEden 3x3x4
    • WitEden 3x3x5
    • WitEden 3x3x6
    • WitEden 3x3x7
    • WitEden 3x3x8
    • WitEden 3x3x9
    • WitEden 4x4x2
  • Super cubes
    • Super 2x2x4
    • Super 3x3x3
    • Super 3x3x4
    • Super 3x3x5
    • Super 3x3x6
  • WitEden Square Cube 2x2x4
  • WitEden Roadblock cubes
  • WitEden Mixup cubes
  • WitEden Wormhole
  • WitEden Camouflage
  • WitEden AI Bandaged
  • WitEden 2x2 Megaminx