Hi, I am Zombiedude347, I am a cubing enthusiast (as is obvious by me having an account on this wiki). I personally have owned several 3x3x3s, a 4x4x4 (which sadly fell out of my backpack while in a parking lot and it got ran over by a car), and a 7x7x7. I plan on posting my methods during my free time.

Example Solves


Example Solve 1

  • Cross
    • U' R F L U'
  • F2L
    • F D F' R' D2 R D2 R' D' R - F2L 13
    • D' L' D' L2 B' L' B - F2L 22
    • F' D2 F D' F L' F' L - F2L 8
    • D R' D' S D2 S' D' R - F2L 25
  • CLL Permutation
    • B' D' B R D R' B' D B - T L
  • CLL Orientation
    • R D R' D R D2 R' - S U
  • ELL

65 Moves (ATM), 66 moves (STM), 74 Moves (SQTM), 74 Moves (HTM), 82 Moves (QTM)

Patterns (algs in SiGN)

  • Cube in a Cube in a Cube in a Cube in a corner (9x9x9) (can't think of a better name for the pattern)


  • 7x7x7

[[[3r,3u]3:3f2][[r,u]3:3f2][[R,U]3:F2]:s2 y2]

  • 5x5x5


  • 3x3x3

[[[R,U]3:F2]:s2 y2]