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The USA (short for the United States of America) is one of the largest WCA recognized countries in North America. It is notable for having a very large presence in WCA-official cubing. According to the WCA's statistics page, the USA has had more cubers attend competitions than any other country, has had far more competitions than any other country, and has held world records in 18 official events -- everything but MultiBLD.

Because of the USA's size, there have traditionally been several separate communities which each held their own competitions and competed with each other. Probably the two largest USA communities are centered in California (containing, for instance, the Berkeley and Caltech cubing groups) and the Northeast.

Major competitions

US Nationals has been held in 2004 and annually since 2006. The World Championship has been held the two years that there wasn't a US Nationals, in 2005 and 2013. World Championship 2013 had a US podium and an overall podium, as to be US Nationals as well.


There are several well-known cubing organizations in USA.

Notable cubers

Notable cubers from the USA include:

Cubers otherwise associated with the USA include

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