Jeffrey Varasano

Jeffrey Varasano
Background Information
Country: USA
Born: c. 1966 (age 52–53)
Years Active: 1980-82
WCA ID: [1]
Claim to Fame: 1981 USA record holder.

Jeffrey Varasano, usually shortened to Jeff Varasano, is an American speedcuber who achieved some fame in the early 1980s as America's fastest speedcuber. He set a US Record of 24.67 seconds in October 1981. He is also inventor of a Corners First method, which was later adapted into the Varasano-Ortega method for 2x2 cubes.

He first solved a Rubik's Cube in June 1980 and developed his core method within 2 months. He then put the Cube away as the cube craze hadn't fully developed yet. The following year the craze exploded, and he wrote his solution (a 5-page pamphlet) at the request of his math teacher.

He attended the first major speedcubing competition in the USA in Boston on July 25, 1981. He was 15-years-old. He achieved several sub-45 times including a 36 second solve. The news crews which were there spotted this fast time and he got onto Boston news. It was out of an article written that day that he found a publisher for his solution. He won the regional heats in New Jersey on October 3 1981, where he set a Rubik's Cube US Record, solving the puzzle in 24.67 seconds.[2] He was runner-up to Minh Thai in the 1981 US national championships on November 13. His time was 28.96 seconds, compared to Thai's 26.04 seconds.[3] He has stated that "a few months later I was averaging just under 22. That was my peak. I had a few 13's for single times, but I was always looking at average." He appeared on several TV shows, including the John Davidson Show, and Merv Griffin.

He was author of the following 1981 book (published twice):

  • Jeff Conquers the Cube in 45 Seconds: And You Can Too! ISBN 0812870972
  • Conquer the Cube in 45 Seconds ISBN 0517377233

He also wrote a solution guide to Rubik's Revenge. It was submitted to the publishers, but it was never published as the cube craze was dying down by that stage.

He later opened a pizza restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia.

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