Talk:VDW method

I think a brief name/description should be added as that will help people who just glance over to work stuff out. -Shadowslice

I think that would be helpful if you would like to do that since you had the idea then go right ahead.

Random note: Just please don't tamper with the steps too much if you decide to do that for some reason or at least let me know. -VDW1014

The problem with the page is that the step explanations are far too long, making them hard to understand. I am trying to shorten some of the steps but I can't even understand what is supposed to be done during some of them because of them being so long. -Bryce Springfield

I know they are lengthy... I'll try to simplify them too. It's just that I have all of these concepts and details in my head that make perfect sense, so getting them across easily is hard. I will try to shorten them too. -Alex

Also, in step five, for LSE, the points made for step five describe what LSE already is, so I will be removing them. I find them to be a tad bit redundant. -Alex