Suehiro Kondo

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Suehiro Kondo
Background Information
Country: Japan
Born: c. 1958 (age 61–62)
Years Active: 1999-?
WCA ID: [1]
Claim to Fame:

Suehiro Kondo (近藤) is a Japanese speedcuber, and an influential figure in the revival of speedcubing in Japan in the early 2000s.

He originally bought a Rubik's Cube during the Rubik's Cube craze of the 1980s. He worked at it during the evening, all night, and then completed it at lunch break next day. He then studied some books and practiced to an average of 45 seconds. However, as he lived in the mountains, he knew nothing of Rubik Cube competitions. Then the Rubik's cube craze ended and he ceased cubing.

In April 1999, at an age of around 40, he picked up a cube again after finding one at his workplace. He purchased new cubes in late July. After practicing for about 2 weeks, he reached an average again of about 45 seconds. He researched on the internet and found Jessica Fridrich's CFOP algorithms. He kept a diary of his progress (in Japanese) on his website. By the beginning of 2001 his average was around 27 seconds. In August 2001 he achieved an average (ten solves) of 21.4 seconds. His times appeared on Chris Hardwick's Unofficial World Records Page where for around two years he was listed as being in the top ten cubers in the world.[2] He continued to make progress, becoming a sub-20 cuber by January 2003.

In November 2001 he began the online Japanese Speedcubing Contest ("Sunday Contest") which ran for well over 100 contests. He was according Masayuki Akimoto "the pioneer of Japanese speedcubists community".[3]

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