Shelley Chang

Shelley Chang
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Shelley Chang
Background Information
Country: USA
Born: 27 January 1985 (age 34)
Years Active: 2004-present
WCA ID: 2004CHAN04
Claim to Fame: 3x3 BLD, SS moderator

Shelley Chang is an American speedcuber and the first female to solve the 3x3 and 4x4 blindfolded in competition. As one of the earliest competitors in Caltech's first competitions, Shelley has since been closely involved in organization of competitions, both in California and on the national level. In particular, she has been responsible for setting up many competition websites.

Shelley proposed Shellie's Sillie Square-1 Method.

Shelley has been an active member and a moderator on the Speedsolving Forums since (when?). Among her many contributions to the SS community its culture and are:

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