Robert Pergl

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Robert Pergl
Background Information
Country: Czechoslovakia
Born: 1968 (age 54–55)
Years Active: 1983
WCA ID: [1]
Claim to Fame: 1983 Czechoslovakian Champion

Robert Pergl was a Czechoslovakian speedcuber. He won the second Czechoslovakian Rubik's Cube Championship in 1983, and was one of the fastest cubers of the 1980s.

Czechoslovakia was unusual in holding a second national Rubik's Cube Championship in the 1980s (the USA also held a second one). The second Czechoslovakian Rubik's Cube Championship took place in March 1983.[2] Jiri (Jessica) Fridrich had won the championship the year before, but this time it was won by fourteen-year-old Robert Pergl, with a best time of 17.04 seconds.(note) This was the fastest time recorded in any competition in the 1980s, however it is not recognised by the WCA as an official record.[3]

He used a similar layer-by-layer or CFOP method to Fridrich, but whereas Fridrich was actively using "about 120-150" algorithms, Pergl was using around 600. Pergl stated that his personal best single solve was 11 seconds, and his average-of-ten was 16.7 seconds.[4]

Pergl studied law and works as a lawyer.[5]


  • Note: Some internet sources list his time as 17.02 instead of 17.04 seconds. A reliable source for his time is currently lacking.

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